MuxTape, Personal Mix Tapes!

I ran across a cool website the other day. It allows you to upload 12 of your own MP3 files of songs you like and put them in any order you choose. You end up creating your own mix tape but in a digital sense. Its has RSS built in so once you find some one you like watch their feed to see what new music they add. The site is a great way to share music with your friends and online communities. Check out the site and upload your own songs to create your own MuxTape.

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Photo Update (Jessi)

I have been very busy and have forgot to update the blog. The Christmas lights are down and we have begun designing next years. Keep an eye out here and at for more info.

I have lots of photos to update the blog with but this will take a few posts to do it. Keep coming back for new ones. I will try and post more regularly.

Last week a very good friend of mine asked me to take some photos of her, I’ve always wanted someone, who I like, to be my model for the day. She asked, and I said yes. The results turned out quite beautiful, she was very happy with the photos. It was a really relaxing day, taking photos, eating Mexican food, topping it off with cheese cake, and spending time with friends.

The photos below have gotten great response on Fred Miranda and other Photography forums. Look for more photos like this in the future especially when it gets warm out.

Here are 2 galleries that contain more of the processed images.

Animated Christmas Lights 2007

My animated Christmas light display is up. It took several weekends to get up and get everything tweaked. It was stressful but its not up and running. For more information on the display go visit its website at View the video below of the entire performance.

This years songs are Tran-Siberian Orchestra – Sarajevo 12/24, Tran-Siberian Orchestra – A Mad Russian Christmas.

How many college educated kids does it take to get a wallet out of a tree?

Outside my window yesterday I notice a girl trying to get her ID that is stuck in a tree, Watch her fight the tree and loose till other people come and help her.

How many college educated kids does it take to get a wallet out of a tree? from LiquidRetro on Vimeo.

Additional Images this story

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Get 5 Free Songs From iTunes (FACEBOOK REQ) + Update

I found this tonight on DIGG ( and thought it was worth a repost. You get 5 free songs in iTunes with it. I tried it and it works great. Enjoy 🙂

-Log in to Facebook
-Search for “ticketmaster live”
-Join the group
-After joining at the top of the page will be a code for 5 free songs.
-Copy the code
-Go to iTunes Music Store and click redeem on the right side of the page
-Enter the code and you have free songs.
-Leave the group if you want

You get 5 songs priced from $.99 – $1.29

Update on the blog and whats going on with me. I have been very busy at at school and I have not had much time to post on the blog or take pictures. I have some pictures of the A8L and a short modeling type shoot that I did that need posting. Hopefully I can get that done soon.

July is Concert Month (Concert Summary)

This month I have had the chance to attend two great concerts near my home. First on July 1 at Westfair Amphitheater in Council Bluffs, IA. I saw 311, Matisyahu, and Swizzle Tree. I went with a carload of friends and it really made for a great time. Swizzle Tree was the first band and they really had a hard time getting the crowd going. It was hot and the crowd was not feeling the band. Matisyahu was the next band. I had heard they were good from friends who had seen him previously and they were right. Matisyahu was out to really have a good time. He was climbing and jumping on top of tall speakers and dancing all around. He also ran into the crowd and climbed a large observation tower about 50 ft in the air. Matisyahu sounded good and true to his albums. His clothing was somewhat interesting. He had suit jacket that soon came off and he had a t-shirt type shirt on underneath. He also had khaki colored baggy dress slacks and white tennis shoes. Overall, the best song he sang was his beat boxing. Matisyahu really got the crowd going and I think just about everyone liked him. I got a good picture of Matisyahu with my camera on my Razr cell phone.

On to 311, the main event for the show. I have been to two previous 311 shows and they have all been good. They are best when the band is not promoting a new album that has just come out. Fortunately, this was not the case this time. The band played a wide variety of songs, which was great old and new. The bad thing was the sound quality. It seemed to me that the balance between the instruments and vocals was not right. The vocals were not clear for some of the louder stuff. It was almost as if they turned the volume up to 11 and things were distorted. The other disappointment of the show was the last encore song. The concert’s theme was Red White and Boom and it was put on by 89.7 the River. The last few songs fireworks were lit off. The fireworks were decent, not the best I had seen but it was definitely professional level fireworks. The problem was that all of the fireworks went off almost at all the same time. The last song was Omaha Style, which usually is one of the beginning songs. The usual last song is F**k the Bull Shit that is just a classic and is great live. It is a shame they did not play it this time but I guess there is always next time. Overall it was a good show by 311. No pictures of 311 worth posting they did not come out sorry.

On Saturday July 21 at Westfair again I went to the annual River Riot show put on by The River radio station. There were quite a few bands such as Fuel, Buck Cherry, Papa Roach, Hinder, and Incubus at the show but I really only wanted to see Incubus. Evidently a lot of people also had the same idea just to go see Incubus because it took 1 hour to get parked. We first waited on the interstate and then along the highway to find a spot. We ended up having to park facing the wrong direction on a road behind the concert. This made getting out tricky but we managed.

Being a sold out show the amount of people was kind of unreal. People were every place but we found a place to squeeze in. As we walked in the door Papa Roach was just finishing and Hinder was getting set up. Papa Roach sounded ok from a distance. Hinder is not a band I like so I really did not pay much attention to them. They were good at stalling for Incubus and Hinder even played a cover of Born to Be Wild. The original is far better.
Incubus took a while to set up but they did come out on time. Everyone in the crowd was stoked and very excited for them. The beginning of incubus show was very full of energy and was some of their more high energy songs such as “Wish you were here”, “Anna Molly”. As the concert progressed, the show became more mellower and calmer. The opener was “Quicksand” from the Light Grenades album. A surprise of the evening was the song “Drive”. I was surprised how soon they played this song. I was expecting it to be one of the last songs because Incubus is very well known for it. However it was played with in the first 5 songs. Incubus played for about 1.5 hours and it was a very good set. It included a nice mix of new songs and older songs. Some cool things that they did was during If I remember right the song was “The Warmth” Brandon Boyd the lead singer had two flood lights and he did some artistic movements of them and then he went and pointed out each member of the band who had a solo jam session. It really was well done and a cool simple visual. Another neat thing was how the band went off stage. The last song of the encore was “Aqueous Transmission”. It is an interesting song because of the use of an instrument called the “Pipa” (Read more at The band played the song and then went off one by one with the remaining members still playing. It really was a neat way to end the song and concert.
Overall the concert was great and one of the best I have been to. Incubus sounded very good and very much like they do on their albums. I had a good time in the pit and it was just a great show because Incubus was there. It did take an hour and 20 minutes to get out and on the interstate again but that is all part of the fun of it.

Media from the concert. These are all from my Razr phone.