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Olight S1 Mini Baton Review (Great EDC)

For a full written review you can see my post over on Reddit.

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Live Music: Silversun Pickups

On Monday night I went to a great concert in Papillion, NE at the Sumtur Amphitheater .  It was a cold night but a great concert.  I was able to get up very close to stage. Close enough to reach out and touch the band at times if you wanted.  I was able to capture these pictures with my old Motorola Droid X smartphone.  I was shocked at the results I got, but they got even better after I did some noise reduction in Lightroom.  This was one of the first performances the band had with the new (Temporary) bass player.  She did a great job, but you could tell was a little rattled by the support of the crowd.  Other than that it was a great performance.  The bands sound live is very similar to the recorded sound, but you could tell it was live, no lipsync here.  Overall it was one of the better shows I have seen this year.

A couple of Videos too


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Too many eggs in Google’s basket? – My question answered on Security Now #326

On my drive home from work today I was very surprised–when listening to Security Now episode #326 Steve and Leo answered the question I submitted to the show! Let me backup a little and explain things. Security Now is a weekly podcast on the TWIT network that discusses hot topics from the past week on all things security related, as well as fundamentals of computers, the internet, and security. In addition to security news, they also touch on Sci-Fi books and a few health concerns—recently the all important Vitamin D3. I have promised myself to write a big blog post about Vitamin D3 at some point this winter. If you are not a listener, I strongly recommend you listen to an episode or two (At least listen to the Portable Dog Killer episode, it’s not what you think it is at all) .

Question Setup
I am a big fan of Lastpass Password storage system after learning about it on Security Now and hearing why it was safe to use (Episode 256). I am also using the Google Authenticator on my Android phone(Also available for all other major mobile phone OS) for a second form of authentication when logging into my Google account because of how much additional security it provides, especially as this account grows more important. The question I asked below was simplified slightly (Probably due to me not thinking things out fully to get the answer I wanted) but the results were good and answered about 80% of my question.

My question was as read by Leo

“Leo: No. Question 7, Jon in Lincoln, Nebraska – another cornfield flyover – worries about giving Google too many eggs: Steve and Leo, I love the podcast. I’m a long-time listener, LastPass and Vitamin D advocate. I have the entire family well educated and believing now. Yay. Over the weekend I saw that now LastPass – as we mentioned in the news – supports Google Authenticator. This is great news because I currently use the app on my Android phone to get into my Gmail account. I also know how much more secure two-factor authentication is, thanks to previous Security Now! episodes. But it makes me wonder if tying so many of my services to Google is a good idea or a potential security problem. What happens if Google were to go down for a few hours? Any thoughts or opinions on this would be appreciated. Am I putting too many eggs in Google’s basket?”

Watch the video on Youtube of Steve and Leo answering my question below. Start at 1:30:00

Or read the answer (About 5/6 down the page)

After hearing this answer I am feel reassured about my concerns and I am very glad it is independent and closed loop. My biggest concern was if my Google account was suddenly compromised/deleted/suspended etc that I would be locked out of my Lastpass too, but since it is independent and I have a backup of codes generated I know I won’t lose my Lastpass. Just in case I always have my local Lastpass Pocket standalone as a measure of last resort (No cloud).

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StrawberryJam, DJClay & SFS at The Bourbon in Lincoln NE Photos

Thursday February 25, 2010 some friends had asked me to come take some photos of them playing at The Bourbon Theater in Lincoln. Since I just got my new Canon 7D I went and tried out the camera. Wow am I impressed. The ability to shoot at high ISO is amazing when coming from the 20D. The auto focus is good but I need to learn abit more about it before I have it down perfect. I am really impressed with the video ability of the camera and the audio recording properties were pretty good as well.


Make sure to watch the video in 720P!



Make sure to watch the video in 720P!

To view all of these photos and more in high resolution follow this link to the big gallery

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2008 Animated Christmas Light Show

The 2008 Animated Christmas Light Show has officially started. This weekend we got the show up and running. Right now we only have one show running but we expect the second song to be added this week with others coming soon. For updates check out

Here is a link to the first song post and video on the lightshow’s website

Carol Of The Bell – Mannheim Steamroller Of The Bell – Mannheim Steamroller

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High Speed Down Hill Longboarding in HD (Claremont HD)

I saw this amazing video today on Vimeo. These guys go up to the top or a large mountain and then ride their longboards down the hill at speeds of over 40mph. All the time while avoiding cars, and passing the camera between them. It is a well produced film and quite worth its 10 min run time. Make sure to watch it in HD by going to the Vimeo website with the link below. Turn HD ON, Scaling OFF, and watch it in full screen.

Watch it in HD here.

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.