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Reylight Mini (Copper AAA or 10440) Review

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Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 charger reviews (iPhone 8, iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Note 8, etc)

Need a wireless charger for your new smartphone? Look no further then Anker!

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YZXstudio ZY1270 Review

If you like data, or always wanted to know how fast your USB devices are charging this is for you. Pair it with the bluetooth shield and you can capture the data to your computer or smartphone. Make sure to watch the video for some tips on how to use the ZY1270 with Windows 10 and Android.

Pick this meter up on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2yBYuu3 and the Bluetooth shield at http://amzn.to/2jswGWm

EDC Flashlight Reviews Review Reviews

Astrolux K1 USB Rechargeable Keychain light

The Astrolux K1 is a new keychain style light with 3 different LED options onboard. https://i.imgur.com/UU4tHfW.jpg You have the main centered Cree XP G3 LED in a cool white, on one side you then have a small 365 nanometer UV LED and on the other side you have a small red LED. This light is actually made by Mateminco as the CSF02 and rebranded for Banggood as the Astrolux K1. As far as I can tell it’s the exact same between the two even down to the box design. Thanks for Banggood for sending this light out for me to take a look at.

Full Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/rjMh7
Youtube Review:

Size and Build Quality
Size wise this is nearly identical to the Nitecore TIP I review several months ago. https://i.imgur.com/prTmREi.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RRXqv8S.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mFVO7JM.jpg The only real difference is in the tail is. Construction seems to be on par with the TIP. It has a metalized body, I can’t quite tell if it’s 100% metal or a metalized plastic. The K1 is held together with 8 T5 Torx screws, 4 on each side. https://i.imgur.com/JeoIcge.jpg The buttons require a quite firm press to activate and a longer press as well to come on from off. I have carried this in my pocket for the last 2 weeks and had no issues with it turning on by accident.

I choose the rainbow finish to have something different. https://i.imgur.com/xggkJ3u.jpg It’s a glossy finish that fingerprints very easily which I am ok with. I don’t have it on my keys so I have not had too many scratches. It’s a painted on type finish it seems as it’s not a true chameleon paint. It’s available in other colors, Blue, Black, Silver and Rainbow like I have. It is IP65 moisture and dust rated.

Astrolux Length = 60.75mm | Nitecore Length = 60.96mm
Astrolux Width = 25.38mm | Nitecore Width = 24.38mm
Astrolux Height = 12.93mm | Nitecore Height = 11.85mm
Astrolux Weight = 1.39oz | Nitecore Weight = 0.83oz

LED+ Battery
The version I have uses a Cree XP G3 LED in cool white (6000-7000k) as its main emitter. https://i.imgur.com/UU4tHfW.jpg It’s not the best tint in my opinion and has an undesirable green tint.https://i.imgur.com/S2NaTvU.jpg Granted this isn’t going to be your main light. Output is listed as 250Lm, 210Lm, 150Lm, and 40Lm. This light also uses a small UV LED that is claimed to be 365nm and a Red LED. The UV emitter is pretty weak and seems to work fine with the $20 bills I tried it on in dim conditions. It’s a bit dim for use in a hotel or something like that. The red LED is quite a bit brighter than the UV but no lumen number is given. It has distortion thought in the beam pattern https://i.imgur.com/DDfOEJu.jpg. I do wish the Red LED had 2 output modes.

I see Astrolux and Banggood are making a Nichia version of this light and it’s on preorder. Personally that would be the one I would want. Heat isn’t an issue with this light, it barely gets warm to the touch.

Battery and Runtime
The battery is listed at 500mAh and is rechargeable via a built in micro USB port on the side of the light. There is a pretty nice rubber cover over the port on this that fits flush and stays in place. https://i.imgur.com/6z4IudW.jpg When recharging there is an LED under the buttons that turns red when charging and green when charged. I measured recharging speed at 4.92V at 0.51A.

Here is a runtime graph I made. https://i.imgur.com/yJ6cxWW.png As you can see it doesn’t take very long for the light to decrease output from max down to about 78% of the max light output. This is where the light is the most comfortable to run at long term, averaging about 65 minutes before dropping again to about 5% of the original output until the battery is exhausted.

Table and night shots https://youtu.be/PXP0CgFI_C0?t=5m51s

UI on this isn’t my favorite for a few reasons but most of all it always starts on high/turbo with no memory. The square button on this light with the power button doesn’t turn on the main LED like you would think instead it turns on the UV and Red LED. The smaller Triangle button is for the main LED. You can long press on the triangle button to shortcut to turbo then step down each additional press. Single click when off doesn’t turn anything on, you must long press to start it. UV and Red modes also require long presses to turn on or off, short press to switch between modes. You can’t have 2 LED’s on at the same time.

Is a simple Red and Yellow retail style box. https://i.imgur.com/gOmuALs.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hsMLgeX.jpg https://i.imgur.com/EGmnW1U.jpgThe light comes packed in a plastic pack. There are no accessories, no charging cable, and no instructions other than what is listed on the box.

This is a direct competitor to the Nitecore TIP but with extra LED’s. I don’t use red or UV often enough in an EDC situation, so I am mainly judging off the main beam and tint and in that arena the Nitecore TIP CRI, that I have wins. However, I like the physical design of the Astrolux K1 a little better especially with a cover for the USB port and how they are doing the key ring loop. The UI on the Astrolux K1 isn’t great in my opinion. For an EDC situation you don’t want all the lumens right away, it would be better to come on in low and let the user decide if they need more light. I don’t like the longer presses needed to do most things on the light. No instructions are in or on the package too. Make sure to get those from the Banggood listing.

My recommendation would be to order the Nichia version of this light if you want all 3 colored LED options in one small keychain style light. That will improve the tint of the main LED. When priced right I think this makes a decent competitor to the Nitecore TIP, hopefully they will revise the firmware so future versions won’t start on high.

Save 20% off the Astrolux K1 during Nov 11-13th using code: 4fdb18 at https://goo.gl/74MCnC

Flashlight Reviews Review Reviews

BLF Q8 Review

The BLF Q8 is a light designed by the BudgetLight Forums and built by Thorifre. After many many months of hard work the Q8 is finally on the market and in the hands of enthusiasts worldwide. Banggod sent me this light for review and it has not influenced my opinion of it.

Full Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/W5jSs
Youtube Video Review:

Build Quality
For the price Build quality is great, https://i.imgur.com/ELcIJBS.jpg Mine is a generation 2 light so a few of the early bugs are worked out. Thorfire is the contract manufacture for the BudgetLightForums. Starting at the head it has a raw machined aluminum bezel https://i.imgur.com/JDAJiiZ.jpg that’s lightly crenulated. It stands on it’s face well with some light spilling. Following down the body of the light the head area is large with lots of cooling fins https://i.imgur.com/p8LMOUg.jpg. There is a spot to screw in a lanyard or attach to a normal ? inch tripod. This is something I really appreciate on a soda can light like this. On the opposite side is the button with built in green LED’s covered by an opaque silicone cover with a bit of texture and Thorfire branding. Further down the body of the light is the battery holder, it’s heavily knurled https://i.imgur.com/XnAjJzx.jpg and has some flat spots. Anodizing is a semigloss black and well done. Lastly at the end is a relatively tail cap and you think this might be where you unscrew https://i.imgur.com/pVSnIv0.jpg it to install batteries https://i.imgur.com/ubBo13Y.jpg but that actually in the middle of the light. Threads are all square cut https://i.imgur.com/XnAjJzx.jpg and nicely greased. The cap at the end is to allow access to the tail end circuit board. The light tail stands well. It’s also rated for IPX-8 water resistance. Inside my light was a little dirty https://i.imgur.com/QIPxRCO.jpg. I will need to pick up some acetone to clean up the brass on the inside of the light.

Length 133mm Maximum Diameter at the head is 59mm
Minimum Diameter at the body is 47mm
Empty Weight 14.34oz
Weight With batteries (Samsung 30q) 21oz

LED & Lens
The Q8 uses 4 of the Cree XP-L HD V6 3D LED in Neutral White with a 5000k tint. https://i.imgur.com/eHVvyCO.jpg Each LED is housed behind a smooth reflector cluster https://i.imgur.com/JDAJiiZ.jpg. The resulting beam has a mostly hot center with decent spill and a smooth edge. While this light isn’t designed to be a thrower it really does throw pretty well for how short the lens are. The stated measurements are 450+M and from my testing that’s true. I did a previous review on the Astrolux MF01 which I liked but it was pure flood. In my opinion this Throw/Flood combination of the BLF Q8 is more useful for many applications as you get throw for distance and flood for up close. Combine that with the infinite ramping and you have a real winner here. More on that here in a minute. With the 30Q combination I am running I can expect 6,086 lumens at the start and at 30 seconds 5,624 lumens as tested.

Since this light uses a 1S4P configuration https://i.imgur.com/ubBo13Y.jpg it can run run on any combination of 1 up to 4 18650 batteries. This configuration in means you add together the capacity of each cell and the amp rating for each sell. So with the Samsung 30Q as recommended you get a 3.7V cell rated at 12,000mah and capable of 80A continuous discharge. This is a neat feature and one I feel help sets this light apart. Flat top batteries like my LG HG2’s will also work in this light, as long as they are tall enough to make a connection. Show this working with one and more batteries.

For maximum brightness higher discharge batteries are recommended. The battery everyone is recommending for the best combination of capacity and high discharge is the Samsung 30Q button top. That’s what I am running too with good success. They are capable of 20A continuous discharge. It’s important to note that you should marry the batteries you use with this light to this light and not share it with other lights. However since they are in parallel there is much less danger than if they were in series.
This light uses the NarsilM Firmware. It has lots of options but it’s also easy to use. I love the ramping, it’s easy and intuitive and you can pick the exact amount of output you want. On this light there is no complaining when it comes to mode spacing. I plan on leaving my light at the default settings but if you do want to change things please consult the manual. The manual the light comes with is small in size but very well written by native english speakers and is full of info. You need to read it more than once before attempting to make any setting changes. Things that are configurable are vast. You can disable ramping and go with 12 different mode spacing options, you can configure moonlinght levels, thermal controls (Several), blink modes, mode ordering, LED locator feature, battery level indicators etc.
In stock mode the light also has memory mode, direct access to turbo with a double click. Triple click shows the battery level. 4 clicks to lock or unlock. When in max output mode double click to get to the different strobe modes.
In the default mode this light runs on it’s maximum output of over 5000 lumens for 3 minutes before throttling down due to heat. This is configurable in the settings to be based on temperature which is also adjustable. Here is a 5 minute runtime showing that https://i.imgur.com/Q9VtxzD.png However the temperature sensor is not calibrated. I was ok with this and when I was doing the runtime the entire body of the light was around 115F degrees which is pretty warm. Here is a little over 3 hour runtime I did as well https://i.imgur.com/G7gb56t.png .

Beamshot https://i.imgur.com/8GfKS2h.jpg

Outdoor and Table Top shots https://youtu.be/mJNcpoe_sxc?t=8m56s

This light was designed to be modified from the beginning. I have already ordered new brass screws in for the tail cap to replace some nickel coated https://i.imgur.com/pVSnIv0.jpg ones. It’s reported this small and cheap mod will give you an extra 300 lumens due to a better electrical connection. If you prefer a different LED you can get a the driver board and flow your own on. Maybe some high CRI Nichia’s or Cool white Cree’s if that’s your thing. Other people have talked about replacing and bypassing the springs https://i.imgur.com/7Is9n8w.jpg , both are possible but not something I plan on doing for now.

Packaging and Accessories
My package got a bit squished in transport but the light inside was fine. It’s a very basic box with a sticker https://i.imgur.com/SLhRmkZ.jpg on the front. Inside the light was padded with a small amount of foam and the light was in bubble wrap. Two extra O Rings and an extra button cover was included. Important to note the manual that was included is well written but very small in size. Do yourself a favor and download the PDF with a larger copy instead.

* High output per dollar without sacrificing quality.
* Beam has a nice throw component to it, not all flood.
* Easy to use yet very customizable firmware for people who want that.
* Very Modable for those who want to do that.
* Neutral White LED
* Very well written instructions.

* For customizing the firmware there is definitely a learning curve.
* My light needed a bit of clean up inside brass.
* No Holster or lanyard in the box.

This is a ton of flashlight for a very low price,The ramping firmware makes it a very easy light to use and get the perfect light level. I like the neutral beam and find the mix of throw and flood very practical in such a small package. Thermals are pretty well controlled too for it’s output. If you get this light please take advantage of either mechanical lockout or electronic lockout when transporting the light. The last thing you want to happen is for this to come on accidentally and start a fire or melt something. It’s very easily possible here.

I have a coupon from Banggood to get this light for $46.50 which is a pretty solid price currently.

BLF Q8 4x XP-L flashlight: https://goo.gl/5ZQrou Use the coupon code “M4DQ8” to get the Q8 for only $46.50
Samsung INR18650-30Q battery: https://goo.gl/eLwVdm (Highly Recommended)

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Balolo Walnut Wood Covers (Amazon Echo Dot + Anker Soundcore Boost)

See my review of the Anker SoundCore Boost https://youtu.be/Y-CloWM5kdY

To check out all of the Wood Covers Balolo makes visit https://goo.gl/i18mrH

Bose SoundLink Mini II cover on Amazon http://amzn.to/2zXpQvV
Bose Revolve+ cover on Amazon http://amzn.to/2ybK6MU
Bose Revolve cover on Amazon http://amzn.to/2gKb17v
Bose SoundTouch 10 Cover on Amazon http://amzn.to/2z1hXr6

EDC Flashlight Reviews Review Reviews

Olight M2R Warrior (NW) Review

The Olilght M2R Warrior is the newest light from Olight and one of the most highly anticipated of the year. The first time we saw it was at Shotshow. The M2R Warrior is designed as a tactical light and includes several features Olight is known for and a few new ones. Thanks to Olight for sending this out to me to take a look at.

Full Photo Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/adoWB
Video version of this review:  

Olight has put a lot into the physical design of this light. https://i.imgur.com/lUB0yaD.jpg The anodizing is a high quality gloss black. Starting at the top you have a signature blue Olight bezel with some non deep crenelations https://i.imgur.com/BU09nQn.jpg in it. Below that you have the aluminum head and body. There are tier drop cuts in the head https://i.imgur.com/CMIfmPU.jpg for heat dissipation and further down you have more traditional heat syncing . It has a nice polygonal edges to help it 

keep from rolling away. Inside this you have an electronic switch surrounded by a nice blue bezel with an LED in the center that is used for Low battery notification, lockout notification https://i.imgur.com/CMIfmPU.jpgt. Below that you have raised bumps https://i.imgur.com/DE6I2sr.jpg on the body of the light giving added grip and something a little different from traditional knurling. At the end you have the new stainless steel tail switch https://i.imgur.com/GX6Mfdf.jpgwhich has magnetic recharging, as well a second electronic switch which offers a silent momentary mode, and then a full press to lock in power. More on modes in a bit. Labeling is kept to a minimum, with branding near the head is alway done so it can be read from left to light not as you rotate the light https://i.imgur.com/3rpqvWs.jpg . The branding is at 2 and 10 positions when looking head on. The CE mark is opposite the button and the tail clip has a bit on instruction on how the new tail switch works.

Inside this light uses a dual tube design https://i.imgur.com/51p8ddx.jpg which allows for the use of the two electronic buttons and the non proprietary battery. Do not remove this inner tube, it’s held in with an O ring https://i.imgur.com/xP9ObVC.jpgand is hard to impossible to put back in place. The light will still work but lack of it could affect it’s IPX-8 water rating.

Measured weights and sizes with my caliper and scale are below.
Weight with Included Olight battery = 5.43 oz
Length = 129.9mm
Diameter at its widest = 28.53mm
Diameter at its narrowest = 25.48mm

My M2R Warrior uses a Cree XHP35 LED in Neutral White. https://i.imgur.com/BU09nQn.jpg Cool White is also available.

The Lens itself is made of glass and anti reflective coated. The reflector itself is highly polished with a heavy orange peel. https://i.imgur.com/BU09nQn.jpg When combining this with the LED you get a light pattern that’s a little hard to describe. It has a hot center but with quite a bit of flood on the spill. The transition is very smooth. The result is a light the is kind of a do it all. It’s not a true thrower but throws decently, and it’s not pure flood but does that pretty well too.

High output lights put out heat, this is nothing new and the M2R isn’t an exception. During my 3 hour runtime test I measured the light at the 2 hour mark with an infrared thermometer and the body where you hold your hand was a warm 122F. This radiated through out the light. This is fairly warm for the 2 hour mark. During my standard 1 minute test during turbo it reached 91F.

Runtime chart 

This light has 2 main modes of operation, a Standard and an Enhanced Tactical mode. I did most of my testing in standard mode because I prefer to have turbo available at the rear switch instead of strobe like in tactical mode. See the manual for how to switch between modes.

In standard mode the light goes up to 1000 lumens in turbo and bumps to 700 lumens after about 3 minutes. From there it has medium 1 at 250 lumens, and medium 2 at 60 lumens, low at 15 lumens and then moon at 1 lumen. In Enhanced Tactical mode all is the same except Turbo is 1500 lumens no matter if you use the rear momentary switch or the side switch to lock in. To me it would be much easier to just have turbo mode be the same level in both modes.

Mode Specs

UI is similar to other Olights but with some differences. Long press from Off to go to moon light mode, Double click to go to burbo, and Triple click to go to strobe.

There the front eswitch is mostly used as a mode switch but can be used to turn the light on and off from off as well.

The rear tail cap is multi purpose. It’s the charging base and a dual mode switch. It’s a silent switch in both modes but you can feel what’s happening. When in Standard mode the tail switch is a momentary turbo (1000 lumens) or you can lock in turbo. In Enhanced Tactical mode the rear tail switch is momentary tubeo (1500 lumens) or if you lock in you get strobe. It’s a bit of an odd design. Memory mode is available except for turbo and strobe.

Table and Outdoor Shots https://youtu.be/zZF66iL4jEQ?t=9m5s

Olight has taken a bit of criticism recently with their magnetic charging system. However the M2R improves by making a safer charging system. While the tail cap still has exposed voltage that matches the batteries nominal voltage its amperage is greatly reduced. I measured the amperage at 0.02aH on the new switch.

The biggest improvement in my opinion on the charging system is that this light no longer needs the proprietary Olight batteries https://i.imgur.com/Ee1sVVf.jpg. Now the light will use standard button top or flat top high drain 18650 batteries and charge them. This light is compatible with the included magnetic doc or the Micro-Dok II system. Operation is just the same, as on other Olights, the LED on the charger is red when charging and it goes green when charged.

Packaging and Accessories
The packaging of the Olight M2R is extensive, a lot of work went into the design and execution here. The outside is pretty typical of Olight with the rear having pretty extensive information about the light. Inside https://i.imgur.com/VO32jx0.jpg there is a nice box that’s covered by a plastic cover with directions on how to switch between switch between tactical and normal modes. Inside you get the light, with the battery preinstalled. Below and to the side you have the accessories which include The charging cable, holster, and lanyard. https://i.imgur.com/SkwZxOv.jpg The M2R Warrior comes with a new holster https://i.imgur.com/hCWaXle.jpg for Olight. This holster has a clip in the front that’s protected, in the back it has a snap and velcro. Inside its slightly padded https://i.imgur.com/OqxHv0I.jpg too. This is a pretty nice holster for daily use.

* No proprietary battery needed for the magnetic charging system to work! Flat tops or button tops are accepted and charged. You need a 6A+ continuous discharge for turbo to work.
* The tail switch has a fantastic feel, is quiet/silent and manages magnetic charging too.
* Great beam pattern from the heavy orange peel reflector. Less spotty and more practical.
* Good carry pocket clip.
* Neutral and Cool White LED options

* It’s a little longer then I want to EDC in a front pocket in the office, but shorter than other “tactical” style lights.
* Magnet isn’t quite strong enough to hold the light on some slicker magnetic surfaces in a vertical position, but the light will hang just fine.
* A little slower charging system than standard USB through this new tail cap.
* Two different “turbo” modes is confusing. I would prefer one instead.
* No extra orings were included in the package.

The Olight M2R Warrior is a pretty impressive light in my opinion. I like the direction Olight is trending with this light by using a safer charging system and stepping away from the use of expensive proprietary batteries. For me it’s a little larger then I want as an in pocket EDC when sitting at a desk job. However, if I was standing more I think it would work well. The included holster is high quality and another good option for carry. The beam pattern https://i.imgur.com/fujFV5V.jpg makes this a very versatile light for many use cases. I think it’s slightly less Tactical and more EDC Tactical.

I didn’t have any trouble with the two electronic switches. I thought in standard mode the UI was easy enough to use but you’re never going to make everyone happy. I have seen some reviews wishing the light did more, but if so that would further complicate the UI. Right now the UI is similar to other Olights with a few small changes. What I don’t get is why Olight didn’t just include one Turbo mode instead of two for the two different modes. The construction is what I expect from Olight and they have done a nice job on this one. I can definitely see why it was delayed a few times as the engineering really shows through https://i.imgur.com/JCp6syb.jpg . I don’t think there will be any trouble with this light holding up. I am looking forward to seeing if they come up with a weapon mount for it.

You can purchase it at your favorite Olight retailer or on the offical ebay store http://bit.ly/M2ReBayUS

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Roav C2 Dashcam Review

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