Olight I3T Plus & Obuddy Review (Black Friday Deals Start Tonight)

Today I have 2 reviews to show you of some of the new Olight products for the month of November, and tell you about this month’s flash sale. First I have the i3T Plus, a new Penlight from Olight, then the Obuddy, an accessory for your Obulb, the next video in a few days will be of the Parrot, a new knife design from Olight. 


I will remind you now the flash sale starts November 24th at 8pm EST so you can shop before Thanksgiving and Black Friday. My link which helps support the channel will be in the description below if you’re interested. Everything I am looking at here and several other things like the new Baldr Pro R, Javelot Pro 2 and others are on sale, at the best prices, along with extras, new customer bonuses etc. Make sure you do log in to your account to get a free i1R pro and take part in the daily drawings. 


If I have any other black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from various flashlight brands I will post them on Social media and on my YouTube page too, so make sure you give all of that a follow. 


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Pickup the I3T Plus, OBuddy and all the other models at https://bit.ly/OlightLQ the flash sale starts Nov 24th at 8pm EST. 


10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


I3T Plus

Olight has listened to it’s fans and has made a pen light! It’s based of the i3T and called the i3T Plus. It uses 2 AAA batteries in series and sees a bump in output. For the flash sale it’s available in black which I have here and blue.


Watch this review on YouTube: 

Packaging & Accessories

Since I know some of you guys want to see the packaging I will insert some photos, it’s pretty what you expect from the i3T/i5T families of lights. The light does ship with 2x Alkaline AAA batteries. Long timer viewers will know my opinion about these, just toss them in your remotes and throw in some rechargeables NIMH so you don’t ever have to deal with leaking cells.


Construction & Retention

The light is made from aluminum and nicely anodized. It comes in at 2.19oz with batteries so pretty light but heavier than some of the competition, and it’s 5.24 inches long. I will throw in a few photos compared with other pen lights I have like the Thrunite Ti4, Lumintop IYP365, and Royvon Aurora A33 I reviewed earlier in the year. You can see length wise it sits in the middle here. 

As far as physical features it’s basically an i3T with a longer battery tube, same nicely textured raised tail switch, same deep spiral in the body, same plastic optic and lens. It’s solid feeling in the hand and pocket. The clip here is the same as the i3T, and not captured. It’s reasonably deep carry and works well as an EDC in a front pants pocket or shirt pocket. 


LED & Beam & Runtime

No specific LED is mentioned here, it’s a cool white, but more neutral, and I don’t have any green tint like I do with my copper and aluminum i3T’s. It has a plastic TIR type optic here, same as the i3T. The candela is listed as 1240, and it is ipx8 water rated. 

I know it’s popular to put 10440 batteries into the i3T. I didn’t do that here, because I am concerned running the LED at around 8.4V vs the designed 3V will blow cause problems with the LED or Driver circuit and I don’t want to ruin my light. The light is designed to run on Alkaline, NiMH rechargeables and Lithium Iron batteries.


Runtimes here are pretty substantial. On high it runs for 1 minute at 250 lumens before stepping down to 100 lumens for 8 hours. At the end it will flash on and off slowly to let you know the batteries are low. In low mode it will run at 15 lumens for 28 hours. I ran my tests off 2 Amazon Basics NiMH cells and got similar numbers. One thing that’s a bit disappointing is that timed step down of the 250 lumens. Heat isn’t an issue, I wish it was longer. 



UI here is the same as the smaller i3T, with 2 modes, allowing for a half press or full press to switch between them. The light starts out in low always, and there is a nice slow ramp up when going to high and then stepping down. When the light is running out of the power it will flash to let you know power levels are getting low. 



If you like the i3T but want more runtime this is your light, it’s basically just a stretch i3T. Most everything else here is the same. This is a good answer to those that have been asking for a Penlight from Olight, but it’s not exactly creative in terms of design, emitters, or power source. I am sure it will be popular though and I have no issues with it but I do have a wishlist for future versions. 


Personally I would have liked them to go more the route of  the Royvon Aurora A33 with liion battery and emitter choices (Neutral or warm tints please) but maybe we can save that for an i4T R or something like that. It would be great to see a high CRI option here too, since any hit in output is ok since this is  a close range light and good color rendering is really useful in many pen light situations. 


This one will be 25% off during the black Friday flash sale and available in black and blue colors. It’s also part of a few different bundles that you can see on OlightStore.com



I think the OBuddy might be my favorite non flashlight thing Olight has come out. It’s an accessory to any of the  3 generations of OBulb. The OBuddy is a soft silicone white and blue spaceman model, and the OBulb goes where his head is. I think it looks kind of like the Reddit spaceman logo if you know what that’s like. 

The OBulb magnetically drops into place for his head, and that’s because on the back where his backpack is, it is designed to connect your MCC charger to charge up your OBulb. If you have the new OBulb MCS then you can use this to plug in your light and activate the motion sensor. I am demoing it with the sapphire blue OBulb MC, which has RGB LED’s inside to to do multicolor, and it comes with googly eyes in the package too which is a great addition to give your spaceman so me character. The OBuddy also works with other lights like the Baton 3 if you wanted. 

If you have kids, especially kids who love the OBulb like many do, this one is a no brainer to pick up during the flash sale, it’s only $7.96. I plan to pick up another for a stocking stuffer for sure. Even if you don’t have kids I could see a lot of people putting this on a shelf, desk or even car dashboard. It’s so simple but it’s a hit for me, I really like it. For me this might be the best item of this flash sale, it’s creative and was totally unexpected. I could totally see Olight brining out some special editions in different colors, and maybe we will get a larger version with a internal battery to give the OBulb some extra life. 



My next video in a few days will be of the Olight Parrot, a new knife design from Olight and Kizer.

Don’t forget all the many models of lights available for sale during this flash sale which starts November 24th at 8pm EST. There is the Baton 3 4 seasons editions with special materials, designs and colors, Warrior x 3 in OD Green, Baldr Pro R, the new Javelot Pro 2, The Parrot and Begal knives, as well as tons of bundle deals with many existing models, in new colors too. Links to the sale will be in the description below, and if your watching this after the flash sale don’t forget my code LQ10 will save you 10% off any regularly priced item. 


Pickup the I3T Plus, OBuddy and all the other models at https://bit.ly/OlightLQ the flash sale starts Nov 24th at 8pm EST. 


10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


Thrunite TS2 Review (Emergency Survival Lantern & Powerbank)

Thrunite has a new product on the market with the TS2, they are calling it a self-rescue light. I am going to call it a mini lantern. It’s a simple product but well thought out and I think it has a wider appeal then just the flashaholic market. Thanks to Thrunite for sending this to me to look at.


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Pickup the Thrunite TS2 with a 20% discount by clicking this link https://amzn.to/3ncyilo


Packaging and accessories 

Packaging here is a step up from what Thrunite has done in the past, it’s a white cardboard box with color photos and info, upscale a bit. I will show a picture of everything that comes with this package, but let’s talk in depth about each piece in the next section.

Construction and Details

So the light part of this kit is the small plastic piece with the dome at the top. This plugs in via USB-C on the side of the 21700 battery, and doesn’t use the contact at the top of the cell at all. All power comes from the USB-C connector, the positive terminal isn’t used. The “light” part has a single protruding side where the single power button can be found. I did find the head works on other batteries, I tried a Acebeam 21700 I had with a USB-C on the side and it fit perfectly. Presumably if you had a Female USB-C cable you could plug this in and run indefinitely. 

The battery is a standard button top 21700, 5000mah cell coming in at 77.3mm long. Not much to write home here about other then it has a neat power indicator on top that I haven’t seen before. 4 LED lights with a tiny button that you press for 3 seconds to show you the power level. When recharging the battery these go solid green too.


Case and Hanger

The battery and light assembly slide into the plastic tube that it comes with. It stays in place via a magnet at the bottom of the tube. The helps to protect the battery, and server as an attachment point. You can attach a lanyard here, or attach it via the magnet. It’s enough strength to hold on a painted metal surface. Your last mounting option is a magnetic hook that’s magnetic and pretty strong. This would be great for attaching to a bag, clipping to a wire or branch, etc. 



The cable here deserves some attention. It’s a bidirectional cable, with multiple connection types. So you can use it to recharge the cell, just take the light off the battery to expose the USB-C port. Then use the cable via USB-A or remove the cap to expose the USB-C and charge via C to C. You can also use the cable to charge your phone or other device via the USB-C, Apple Lightning, or MicroUSB connections. Total charge time from when the battery was empty to full was 2:07:00. 


Size & Weight

Weight with the battery and light comes in at 3.00oz, add in the plastic case for a total of 3.65oz, and then the hook and everything else 4oz.  


LED, Beam, and Runtime

No data is given on what LED is inside of this light, but I can tell you it’s 4 warm LEDs under the diffuser which is nice. Official outputs are High at 118 Lumens, for 11 hrs, medium for 40 lumens for 30 hours, low at 5 lumens for 180 hours, and SOS at 118 lumens for 20 hours. I will insert my runtime graphs that show this. 


UI here is very simple, the light has 3 modes, and one button. Push for about one second and the light will come on in the low mode. Press and hold to cycle up to medium or high. Double press to go to SOS mode. Single press to shut off. 



I like the TS2, while it doesn’t put out a ton of light, it’s a very functional small/light weight lantern of sorts. Like the box says, good for an emergency or rescue situation. I can see putting this in a glovebox in your car, in a go bag for natural disasters, in home or work desk for power outages, or to take camping to hang in a tent. The addition of the plastic sleeve makes it safer but I am not sure it’s quite kid proof since it’s only held in place with a magnet. Speaking of which the magnetic hanger is strong but I could see it coming loose if brushed up hard. 


I really like that nothing here is proprietary, I was able to get this working on an Acebeam 21700 battery I have with USB-C on the side. Remember it doesn’t use the batteries traditional contacts like all other flashlights use, it uses the USB-C port for power. 


As far as value it may not be the best value on the market, but it’s a unique product that I think a lot of people who watch my videos would find useful. The cable alone is really handy especially when travling to charge a variety of devices or lights. So I can recommend it without reservations. It would make a great stocking stuffer too for the holidays.

Flashlight 11.11 Sales for 2021

As many of you know, many of your favorite Chinese companies will be having 11.11 (Singles Day) sales. It’s kind of like Chinese Black Friday, but entirely online. This is a great time to pick up a new light at a usually a pretty good discount. Many of these are available now for a limited time.


If I have done reviews on some of the for sale models I will try to link my review video below.




Up to 40-45% off many popular models

Use the coupon code E4WQC7P9 for extra savings.


Wurkkos has been a newer brand that has been hitting it out of the park. The FC11 is the first model that I reviewed and it’s a fantastic place to get started as a general purpose or EDC flashlight for many people. I will be reviewing more from Wurkkos in the near future.


FC11 Review (They have updated the model since then)

HD20 Review



15% off on the following Lights (Click the coupon on the listing)

Archer 2A – https://amzn.to/3bYpg59

TC15 V2 – https://amzn.to/30aQDH3

My review of the TC15 V1


Catapult Mini – https://amzn.to/3C2u4kr

My review of the Catapult Mini

T1 Custom Color – https://amzn.to/3wBq1KV

My Review of the T1

Catapult V6 – https://amzn.to/3D6X0JF

My review of the Catapult V6




10% OFF first order (new registered customer) CODE: UBK82QA7

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30% OFF TF84 CODE: WG379GP3

Discount codes don’t stack. If you have a 10% off discount, they can’t also use a “15% off” or “30% off”coupon. Only one discount at a time can apply to a single order.

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25% off for all items when the order is more than US$40.00 at official website.


Coupon code: MK1111

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Official website: http://www.mankerlight.com/(link is external)


25% OFF direct at Aliexpress store

Valid time: 11th November to 12th November (Total 2 days)

Aliexpress store: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/5700077




Traditionally Convoy will have something for sale, watch this space for more details if I have them I will update the post.



Rovyvon is having sales as well 20% off certain models.


RovyVon A33 – https://amzn.to/3kLQWiH

RovyVon A28 – https://amzn.to/3Hbbhr7

RovyVon A5x – https://amzn.to/31Qmtt4

Acebeam E70 Brass Review (95+ CRI, GT-FC40 LED, 21700)

Today I am taking a look at the Acebeam E70 in Brass. This is one of the many variants of the Acebeam E70 that have been made, in many different materials, a few colors, and with LED choices. The one I have here has a new special high CRI large format LED which I will talk about here later on in the review. Acebeam sent this one to me as a gift, but I decided I would do a review for you guys too as this one is pretty cool I think.


Watch this review on YouTube: 


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Pickup the Acebeam E70 at https://bit.ly/Acebeam 


Packaging and Accessories

A few notes on the versions of this light, you can go for a black anodized aluminum version, as well as Copper, Stainless Steel, a bead blasted or rainbow titanium and a polished brass which I have here. 

The packaging is a nice cardboard white box, with clear plastic window showing the light itself. In the case of the brass light it came sealed in a vacuum sealed bag, which I opened before I took pictures (a cardinal sin of flashlight reviewing). Acebeam sells this light with and without a battery, but everything else is included. A lanyard, manual, warranty card, and warning card, a Lanyard, extra orings, a felt drawstring bag, and a USB cable allowing you to use to charge the optional battery and use it as a powerbank.



Instead of covering everything on the design here I want to hit the highlights while you look at all the photos I have taken of the light. So somethings to note, the tail is flat so it tail stands well, on my version the electronic button in the rear is brass but this is normally stainless steel on the aluminum version.

The light uses a dual tube design, and they have chosen to mill out areas of the body tube to see the inner anodized aluminum blue tube. This creates a pretty unique look for a production light. It’s also a dirt trap, so probably not the light I would choose to go camping with but fun none the less. The body tube also has a place for 6 small tritium tubes milled, which isn’t seen commonly on production lights.

Threads are square cut and work well, although I had minor issues starting them on this light repeatedly. The head itself has holes drilled for style mainly and I like this look. The bezel is does unscrew and is quite sharp around the outer edges. The lens is mineral glass and the reflector has an orange peel. The internal connection points such as the springs are gold plated. 


Size & Weight

The E70 is a medium sized 21700 light, with length coming in at a measured 128mm in length, 30.2mm in diameter at the head. Weight with the battery was quite heavy on this brass model at 284.8g or 10.04oz. 



The light features a standard clip design with 2 screws, so your popular aftermarket clips will fit here. Kind of unique are the 3 predrilled locations for the clip. The stock clip is good but a little thin in my opinion for this lights weight. The front bezel is also pretty sharp, so I would personally think twice about EDCing this one inside a pants pocket, but it works great in a bag instead. 

LED & Beam

There are 3 LED options available in most but not all of the E70 varients. The base models use a Cree XHP 70.2 LED in either 5000k or 6500k at 70 CRI. Optionally on many but not all of the models there is a new Getian GT-FC40 LED at 4500k producing 95 CRI which is what I have. This required a driver change as well as this LED runs off of 12V instead of the 6V for the Cree. You take a decrease in performance though with the High CRI option at 2800 lumens instead of the 4000 the XHP 70.2 produces. 

The beam is a hot round center with some tint shift a rosy corona out into the spill. At distances this is mostly a flood light with the orange peel reflector and the massive doamless LED. It’s more pleasant to use in my opinion then a mule style flood since it does have a bit of optic but it’s not a thrower. Quite nice for normal tasks. 


Heat and Runtimes

I did my runtime testing with the optional Acebeam branded 5000mAh battery. Output on the GT-FC40 LED in my light here is somewhere between 2500-3000 lumens in turbo, and step down came at 1 minute and seems timed. It then ran at 35% relative output for 90 minutes, stepping down a few more times for total output at a little over 2 hours. While this is producing a lot of light, it’s certainly not the most efficient LED or driver combination I have seen. It also produces a significant amount of heat, that builds over time with this light in a pretty linear fashion. You are going to want gloves or turn it down for sustained use, max heat was at 1:30:00 at a crazy 84.9C (185 F). 



The UI here took me a few times to get used to, but the more I use it, it’s become a good UI that builds in an element of safety. To turn the light on you can double press the tail switch to turn the light on in low, the light does have memory so if it’s recent it will turn on in the last mode used excluding turbo. Once on, long press and hold to advance into the 4 available modes. Double press to turbo, triple to strobe. The light also has moon light mode which you can access from off by long pressing, as well as lockout. Lastly to turn off it’s a simple quick press to turn off. This seems to be a change over previous versions of the E70.



Charging is not built into this light. Acebeam sells an optional 21700 battery for an additional cost that has a USB-C plug on it. Recharging this cell took  2:07:00 to charge. You can use standard cells inside the E70, but you need to use a longer cell, like something that’s protected or a tall button top. 



My conclusion on the Acebeam E70 is it’s a nice higher end model of production flashlight with a lot of nice features that have been well thought out. I love that Acebeam continues to offer LED tint choices, and on this model different versions of LED’s. For an application like this I will take the GT-FC40 LED every day over a XHP 70.2, especially when I can get a warmer tint and high CRI. 


The brass and copper versions of this light are quite heavy with a battery, so if you were planning to use this as an EDC I would get one of the lighter versions like Titanium or even the Aluminum which also happens to be the most economical. I like that they included a standard clip configuration here so if you want you can further customize the light. I wish they offered a smooth bezel in the box too, this would make EDC in a front pocket a more pleasant experience. That said this is a bigger light and not one you will probably find me EDCing in my pants pocket often as a result. I will use it often for going on walks, etc. 

I can recommend this one without reservations, especially with the GT-FC40 emitter, it’s got a wonderful tint in my opinion and produces enough lumens for most tasks. That said it does get quite hot, but this isn’t because of the LED choice itself. 


Pickup the Acebeam E70 at https://bit.ly/Acebeam

Olight Seeker 3 Pro Review & October Flash Sale (Obag Sport, Open Pro, i3T Breast Cancer Charity Sale)

Today’s video is going to cover a mini review of the new Olight Seeker 3 Pro, as well as the new Obag, an Ember Open Pro, and a special edition Olight i5T to support the breast cancer foundation. This video is in support of Olights October flash sale which starts October 28th at 8pm EST. As usual this is the best time to grab the new items and some of your favorites for the largest discount, and help support my channel at the same time, a link to the sale is in the description. Thanks to Olight for sending me these things to take a look at.



Watch this review on YouTube: 

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Olight Flash Sale Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLQ

10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


Seeker 3 Pro Review

Instead of doing a full review on the Seeker 3 Pro like I might normally, I am going to cover the main differences between the older Seeker 2 Pro and the new Seeker 3 Pro. The two largest changes are the move from a triple LED arrangement in the head to a quad, and the new button/interface. 

I will insert a few pictures here of the packaging and how it arrives and everything it comes with. Notable for me, is that new Orange Case on my Orange light. This thing is bright and looks great! Build quality on the light is up to Olight’s standards, with no notable flaws. The new light is just slightly longer then the Seeker 2 Pro, and 2 grams heavier. 



The Seeker 3 Pro is using 4x Osram P9 LED in 6000-7000k cool white tint. This is the same LED that the Seekr 2 Pro, used but one more. The beam is a bit more floody, but with the increase in LED, you see an increase in output in turbo, from 3000 lumens to 4200 lumens, without  a decrease in runtimes. The other modes, Moon, Low, Medium, High, are all the same as the Seeker 2 Pro, making the mode spacing here good, but turbo being a large bump from high, 1200 to 4200 lumens. Throw increase slightly by 30M to 250M with that increased power as well.




Instead of the normal button that you are used to on other Olights, they have chosen to go with a sudo rotary switch on the Seeker 3 Pro, this was originally an X9R feature. The bezel of the switch now has a dial that spins, and you still have the brightness and battery check found on either side of the switch.

So a couple of things you need to know on how this works. First you do still have the traditional Olight UI here with a small twist being auto lockout. The light will automatically lock itself out after 30 second of non use. To unlock you have to press the button and spin the wheel to wake up the light, and then press the button to turn it on. There is no way to disable this. SO once on you can press and hold to go through your normal moon, low, medium, and high outputs, double click to go to Turbo, and triple click to go to strobe. You also have the ability to spin the dial left and right to step the light up or down in very small steps to get it at a more precise output. It takes a full 5 resolution of the dial to go from the lowest to highest outputs (non turbo). On a light like this I feel like it’s a little clunky, and auto lockout takes additional time. I am not a fan out the automatic lockout here, and I wish I could disable it.


The light also has a proximity sensor, but new is the ability to override the stepdown if you want. The proximity sensor works the same as it did on the Warrior Mini 2, meaning when on in turbo it will step down when it sense it gets too close to something, but also step up when moved away. The override here is easy to use too, once stepped down, just double click the button to override it. These two combined makes the proximity sensor really useful as a safety feature without harming the output of the light if you know what your doing. 



Recharging is similar to recent Olights, The light uses a customized Olight 21700 5000mAh battery with onboard recharging via the magnetic MCC charging system. Charge time from Empty at 3.03V to full at 4.18V takes about 3.5 hours, and follows a typical olight charging curve that my meter can’t fully record. There is no Ldock with this model although I suspect the one from the Seeker 2 Pro will work here just fine. 



My conclusion on the Seeker 3 Pro is a larger upgrade in performance than I was expecting. That said it’s not game changing. Turbo is noticeably brighter but that’s it in terms of performance as the throw is very similar, and beam shape is similar as well, lower modes are the same as the Seeker 2 Pro.

I don’t care for the dial here and the way it works for it’s infant adjustments. It’s slow and I would prefer a ramping UI instead, at least the standard Olight UI still works. Auto lockout is basically a deal breaker for me, as I almost fumble with it every time I try to turn it on, this should get better as I use it but I wish I could disable it. The proximity sensor is a winner here, with the ability to override it if you want, this improves the lights safety, but doesn’t interfere with how it operates. 


If you have a Seeker 2 Pro, this isn’t a necessary upgrade, and I would say if your a first time buyer, pick whichever you can get at the best price or in the color/material combination you like best. 


Extras and Sale info

So the sale starts October 28th at 8pm ESt and runs till midnight on October 29th. Everyone who logs in during the flash sale will receive an OD Green i3E for free, just pay shipping. I have the black i3E here, as the green were not available yet at the time of filming. It’s a nice but basic AAA keychain light. 


Olight Flash Sale Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLQ

10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


Obag Sport

Next up is OBag Sport here – This is a free gift if your order is between $129 and $228, and additionally you get $10 coupon good until the end of November. This is a heavier weight nylon bag, that has padded draw strings, handles, and is water resistant. It has a nice Olight logo down one side. This is an upgrade over those free bags given away at trade shows. It would be nice for taking to the gym or pool, a light weight bag when camping etc. Olight also has some other free gifts if you spend more such as the new Olantern Classic, and a Seeker 3 in OD Green.


Open Pro – Ember Edition

Next up is the New Open Pro in a limited edition Ember color. This is my first time handling the Open Pro and I think it’s an improvement on the Open 2, It’s a little bit narrower in diameter which I like, and the LED light is in the clip, and out the top you have a green laser. Everything is run with the bolt on the pen which is pretty cool. Ink on this is a ball point cartridge instead of the gel based ink that caused problems on the Open 2. It’s still the same size cartridge though so finding aftermarket options is a little more tricky but they are available. This is a limited edition with it’s splash of orange color and will be available during the flash sale for $56. If you want to see a more in depth review of the Open Pro, let me know in the comments below.


i3T Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

Last up that I have is a Pink i3T charity sale to support the Breast Cancer Foundation in the US. It’s a cool pink and white camo anodizing on this light, and best of all it’s only $16.46 during this flash sale. I can see mine going to my wife for sure, this would make a great gift for any of the ladies in your life. It’s a simple AAA light making 180 lumens with a simple interface. I would recommend putting a NiHM or Lithium primary in it to prevent any corrosion in the future though. 

Olight has other bundle deals available during the sale of a bunch of existing products, many available in Orange for the first time, like the Fryer, the Drever in both Orange and White, Purple Perun 2, and the all new Warrior 3. So make sure you check out my link in the description below to the Olight Store website so you can check out everything and make a purchase to see the biggest discount on new stuff for October. Don’t forget the sale starts Oct 28th at 8pm CST. 


Olight Flash Sale Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLQ

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Olight Drever Review (Olight’s First Knife Design, N690, Made by Kizer, 20% Off Coupon)

So Olight made a knife, well they released a knife, and no it doesn’t contain a flashlight inside. You might have seen I made a post about this here on my Youtube community and Facebook channel page when it was announced. I have had one now for about a week and have been carrying it pretty much exclusively so here are my quick thoughts. Thanks to Olight for sending this to me to share with you. 


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Background Info

A few things you should know, Olight didn’t actually design or manufacture this knife, it’s a collaboration with Kizer knives, a well known Chinese knife manufacturer, and it was designed by Yue Don a Kizer knife designer. This should help ease the concerns of some of the Olight faithful on Facebook who were concerned that Olight should stick to making flashlights, etc.


Full disclosure I know Yue, and he has provided me a bit of inside info to share. Kizer is the only folding knife manufacturer in China to have ISO14001 (Environmental Standard), ISO9000 (Quality Standard) certified. The coatings used on the Drever are FDA certified so it’s safe to use with food. 


Packaging & Accessories

Olight does packaging well, and the knife is no different. You have a nice true to size color photo of the light on the front slip cover and a full set of details on the back. Inside you a nice nylon and velcro slip with Oknife embroidered on it and felt inside. Inside you have a sleeve for the copper colored challenge coin. It has heft to it, but I don’t think it’s actual copper. Olight seems to be getting into the challenge coin with a few models recently. The other accessories include a gray microfiber cloth and the manual with some care directions. 


Stats & Versions & Size Comparison

The knife itself weights 3.42oz, thanks to skeletonized scales, and comes in at 4.5” in length with a 3.49” blade, so just under my city/states legal limit. I measure it as 0.52” thick so not the thinnest knife in the world but I haven’t had an issue with the smoother contoured G10 scales in my pocket or hand. So it’s a large knife blade wise, but not too bad in the pocket.

The knife is using Bohler’s N690 with a full flat grind, which is a new steel for me, I have read up on it online and for a conventionally produced steel (Not powered metallurgy) people seem to like it. It will take a very fine edge, and hold it reasonably well, some suggest slightly better then 154CM or VG10, while being very stainless, so it should make a decent food prep steel. 

Out of the box it came pretty sharp, and I have no need to sharpen it currently, but I am excited to sharpen and put a mirror edge on it with my TS Prof Kadet sharpening system. For the price range here, I think it’s a solid choice and should be easy to sharpen. It’s a liner lock, made of 3CR13 Stainless with the scales being G10. 

There are two versions, available currently, a Blackwash blade, with blue pivot and clip, or the limited edition blue scales, pivot, clip and stonewashed satin blade that I have here. Each knife is serialized on the blade on the show side. 

Here are a few photos of how it compares to other knives in this price range/size that I have. 


How it feels in my hands and pocket

Ergonomically I like how it fits in my medium sized hands when open and closed. I have no obvious hotspots when gripped firmly. When open you can choke up easily with the large finger choil on the blade, or hold entirely on the handle. I could see if you had large hands, it might be a little small.


In my pocket 

As far as how it carries, I really like they went with a deep carry clip, it’s right side, tip up carry only on this model. The flipper tab hasn’t grabbed my hand or other stuff in my pocket. I wouldn’t mind a bit more tension on the clip or texture on the G10 to make it just slightly more secure in my pocket. 


The knife is running on bearings, and has 2 main deployment methods, you have the short flipper tab with jimping on the tab or thumb studs on both sides. I found the initial detent to be very positive, and it taking a decent amount of force to get going with the flipper, that said it’s still easy to open, just more force than normal. Hopefully this will break in more. 

I am able to deploy the thumb studs easily. Thumb studs are not my favorite way to deploy most knives but it works here very well. It floats nicely  when opening, and after some use is easily drops shut without any wrist action, hard to film with the angle I have here. Centering when closed is spot on, and there is no blade play when open. I found the lockbar easy to get to with the G10 contouring as well as the texture on the lock bar. 


I think Olight was smart here to partner with Kizer to produce and design a really nice knife from day 1. This allows Olight to keep up their reputation for making quality products and designs. The experience with production and design here are obvious in my opinion. As competitive as the knife world is, especially at this price point, it was a good business decision. Quality is quite good, centering was spot on and the knife is solid when deployed. Hopefully it’s a partnership that will continue and we see other designs in the future. 


I won’t lie, I like this knife, this price range has a lot of competition but this is a serious contender. For me it fits well in the hand and pocket, the full flat ground sheepsfoot blade, performs well too. This should be a blade shape that’s easy for anyone to sharpen on any system or stone too. 

I don’t have much to say here in terms of negatives for the MSRP price of $69.95 with a sale price of $52.46. The detent is pretty strong when using the flipper tab. The pocket clip is tip up, right hand carry only, which some people may not like. The blue scales make for a lot of blue on the knife, and I wish they were a bit darker in color. 


The good news is the Black Drever is in stock currently. Hopefully the success here means we will get some special edition colors (Orange scales?), and maybe other knife designs in the future.


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