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Ganzo G753-CF Review

Yes a budget (under $20) carbon fiber knife exists that’s pretty good. Enter the Ganzo G753-CF (Also called the Ganzo G7533-CF). For the money and it’s size it’s quite a good value.

If you are interested in purchasing please use my links below.

Amazonhttp://amzn.to/2kL02uO (More expensive but fast shipping)
GearBesthttps://goo.gl/gxXoSQ  (Least expensive but slow shipping)


EDC Review Reviews

Benchmade 940-1 Carbon Fiber Clone – Review & Comparison

Here is my review and comparison of a Benchmade 940-1 Carbon Fiber Clone. In short summary it’s the best clone I own. The axis lock isn’t as smooth as the real thing but other then that it’s really a solid piece.

As mentioned in the video here is the blog I first read about the clone https://goo.gl/PB8TMS

A link to purchase if interested https://goo.gl/J2CZ9o