Olight I3T Plus & Obuddy Review (Black Friday Deals Start Tonight)

Today I have 2 reviews to show you of some of the new Olight products for the month of November, and tell you about this month’s flash sale. First I have the i3T Plus, a new Penlight from Olight, then the Obuddy, an accessory for your Obulb, the next video in a few days will be of the Parrot, a new knife design from Olight. 


I will remind you now the flash sale starts November 24th at 8pm EST so you can shop before Thanksgiving and Black Friday. My link which helps support the channel will be in the description below if you’re interested. Everything I am looking at here and several other things like the new Baldr Pro R, Javelot Pro 2 and others are on sale, at the best prices, along with extras, new customer bonuses etc. Make sure you do log in to your account to get a free i1R pro and take part in the daily drawings. 


If I have any other black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from various flashlight brands I will post them on Social media and on my YouTube page too, so make sure you give all of that a follow. 


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Pickup the I3T Plus, OBuddy and all the other models at https://bit.ly/OlightLQ the flash sale starts Nov 24th at 8pm EST. 


10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


I3T Plus

Olight has listened to it’s fans and has made a pen light! It’s based of the i3T and called the i3T Plus. It uses 2 AAA batteries in series and sees a bump in output. For the flash sale it’s available in black which I have here and blue.


Watch this review on YouTube: 

Packaging & Accessories

Since I know some of you guys want to see the packaging I will insert some photos, it’s pretty what you expect from the i3T/i5T families of lights. The light does ship with 2x Alkaline AAA batteries. Long timer viewers will know my opinion about these, just toss them in your remotes and throw in some rechargeables NIMH so you don’t ever have to deal with leaking cells.


Construction & Retention

The light is made from aluminum and nicely anodized. It comes in at 2.19oz with batteries so pretty light but heavier than some of the competition, and it’s 5.24 inches long. I will throw in a few photos compared with other pen lights I have like the Thrunite Ti4, Lumintop IYP365, and Royvon Aurora A33 I reviewed earlier in the year. You can see length wise it sits in the middle here. 

As far as physical features it’s basically an i3T with a longer battery tube, same nicely textured raised tail switch, same deep spiral in the body, same plastic optic and lens. It’s solid feeling in the hand and pocket. The clip here is the same as the i3T, and not captured. It’s reasonably deep carry and works well as an EDC in a front pants pocket or shirt pocket. 


LED & Beam & Runtime

No specific LED is mentioned here, it’s a cool white, but more neutral, and I don’t have any green tint like I do with my copper and aluminum i3T’s. It has a plastic TIR type optic here, same as the i3T. The candela is listed as 1240, and it is ipx8 water rated. 

I know it’s popular to put 10440 batteries into the i3T. I didn’t do that here, because I am concerned running the LED at around 8.4V vs the designed 3V will blow cause problems with the LED or Driver circuit and I don’t want to ruin my light. The light is designed to run on Alkaline, NiMH rechargeables and Lithium Iron batteries.


Runtimes here are pretty substantial. On high it runs for 1 minute at 250 lumens before stepping down to 100 lumens for 8 hours. At the end it will flash on and off slowly to let you know the batteries are low. In low mode it will run at 15 lumens for 28 hours. I ran my tests off 2 Amazon Basics NiMH cells and got similar numbers. One thing that’s a bit disappointing is that timed step down of the 250 lumens. Heat isn’t an issue, I wish it was longer. 



UI here is the same as the smaller i3T, with 2 modes, allowing for a half press or full press to switch between them. The light starts out in low always, and there is a nice slow ramp up when going to high and then stepping down. When the light is running out of the power it will flash to let you know power levels are getting low. 



If you like the i3T but want more runtime this is your light, it’s basically just a stretch i3T. Most everything else here is the same. This is a good answer to those that have been asking for a Penlight from Olight, but it’s not exactly creative in terms of design, emitters, or power source. I am sure it will be popular though and I have no issues with it but I do have a wishlist for future versions. 


Personally I would have liked them to go more the route of  the Royvon Aurora A33 with liion battery and emitter choices (Neutral or warm tints please) but maybe we can save that for an i4T R or something like that. It would be great to see a high CRI option here too, since any hit in output is ok since this is  a close range light and good color rendering is really useful in many pen light situations. 


This one will be 25% off during the black Friday flash sale and available in black and blue colors. It’s also part of a few different bundles that you can see on OlightStore.com



I think the OBuddy might be my favorite non flashlight thing Olight has come out. It’s an accessory to any of the  3 generations of OBulb. The OBuddy is a soft silicone white and blue spaceman model, and the OBulb goes where his head is. I think it looks kind of like the Reddit spaceman logo if you know what that’s like. 

The OBulb magnetically drops into place for his head, and that’s because on the back where his backpack is, it is designed to connect your MCC charger to charge up your OBulb. If you have the new OBulb MCS then you can use this to plug in your light and activate the motion sensor. I am demoing it with the sapphire blue OBulb MC, which has RGB LED’s inside to to do multicolor, and it comes with googly eyes in the package too which is a great addition to give your spaceman so me character. The OBuddy also works with other lights like the Baton 3 if you wanted. 

If you have kids, especially kids who love the OBulb like many do, this one is a no brainer to pick up during the flash sale, it’s only $7.96. I plan to pick up another for a stocking stuffer for sure. Even if you don’t have kids I could see a lot of people putting this on a shelf, desk or even car dashboard. It’s so simple but it’s a hit for me, I really like it. For me this might be the best item of this flash sale, it’s creative and was totally unexpected. I could totally see Olight brining out some special editions in different colors, and maybe we will get a larger version with a internal battery to give the OBulb some extra life. 



My next video in a few days will be of the Olight Parrot, a new knife design from Olight and Kizer.

Don’t forget all the many models of lights available for sale during this flash sale which starts November 24th at 8pm EST. There is the Baton 3 4 seasons editions with special materials, designs and colors, Warrior x 3 in OD Green, Baldr Pro R, the new Javelot Pro 2, The Parrot and Begal knives, as well as tons of bundle deals with many existing models, in new colors too. Links to the sale will be in the description below, and if your watching this after the flash sale don’t forget my code LQ10 will save you 10% off any regularly priced item. 


Pickup the I3T Plus, OBuddy and all the other models at https://bit.ly/OlightLQ the flash sale starts Nov 24th at 8pm EST. 


10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


Olight Obulb Review (Warm White, Red, Magnetic, Lantern)

Olight has a new Mini lantern out called the Obulb and comes in 3 colors. It’s magnetic, floats in water, and has warm white modes along with red modes. Thanks to Skyben for sending this to me to check out and do a short review. 


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Pickup the Olight Obulb at Amazon from Skyben

Red: https://amzn.to/35pQyyl

Green: https://amzn.to/2LiMbOL

Grey: https://amzn.to/38vRFyo


Packaging and Accessories

Packaging here is standard Olight white box high quality. On the front and top are photos of the light on their respective side, on the back is your information panel with runtimes and outputs. Accessories include the Obulb itself, a USB MCC 1A charging cable, and a Olight self adhesive magnetic backer that acts like a coin too. 



The obulb is available in 3 colors, a green, similar to the Olantern, a gray, and red that you see here. Red to me makes it look a lot like a pokeball I think. The dome is made from translucent polycarbonate and is reasonably thick. The bottom half is a rubberized plastic that provides some grip and it has the signature blue metallic strip in the middle. 


On the bottom there are 3 brass contacts for charging, and the internal magnet is strong enough to easily hold it’s weight up and be reasonably vibration resistant. 

Thanks to Oweban for sacrificing his Obulb so we can see inside, he provided me with these pictures to share what the circuit board, and battery configuration looks like. It’s a stacked design with the LED and Driver board being on top, a total of 8 LED, 4 for each color, Under that sits a 630mAh lithium polymer battery pouch, an aluminum tray, and then the board with the recharging pads and 2 buttons. It is IPX7 water rated meaning it can be submerged upto a meter for 30 minutes but it floats too. It’s drop rated for a meter too. 


Size & Weight

This is pretty small, somewhere between a golf ball and baseball size. It measures 54.2mm in diameter and 48.4mm tall. Weight is 56.4g and it is IPX7 water rated and floats in water. 


LED & Beam Shots

The Obulb has 2 LED colors, a warm white and a red. The warm white is a pretty warm, I would guess it’s about 2500k, the LED being used here is unknown, from looking at the circuit board it’s not square like most flashlight LED, it produces a good tone. Low is good for 3.5 lumens and high is 55 lumens. Low is enough light ot read a map, navigate a bathroom or low light tasks like that. High is enough light to prepare or eat a meal, navigate a small room with etc. It’s a nice even light. Red mode is rated at 7 lumens and fairly bright for a colored mode. 



I did measure runtimes in the White and Red modes for this light. In High mode for the White emitter the light held it’s rated output very consistently through out the range, total runtime was 3:40:00, this is 40 minutes longer then what Olight rates it for. Low mode is rated for 56 hours of runtime and I didn’t test this due to the length of the test. Red mode is a similar story but a little more sag in the output, holding at about 90% relative output for the duration of 8:40:00, this is an hour and 40 minutes better then what Olight rates it for officially. Heat isn’t a concern here at all, with the light remaining room temp to the test during use. 



The light has 4 simple modes that are linear with no short cuts and does have memory. The button is on the underside of the light but that doens’t matter since you can press the top as well when it’s on a hard surface. It takes a reasonably hard press to make it come on though. Once on long press to change modes. The mode progression is Low White, High White, Red, Red Flashing. 



Charing the internal 630mAh lithium polymer pouch battery is done on the bottom of the light with Olights MCC 1A charging system. Charging took 90 minutes with maximum charge rate of 0.6A so pretty much exactly 1C. 



  • Warm White from Olight
  • It Floats and is waterproof
  • Strong magnet allows it to be mounted on any magnetic surface.
  • Better then expected battery life



  • Not something you will EDC probably or use daily
  • Battery is sealed an non user replaceable. 



I like the Olight Obulb. It’s not something I will use everyday but it can come in handy in a lot of different places. This is a nice simple light to give to young kids that is easy to operate but doesn’t have small pieces like many cylinder lights do. If you had a pool I could see tossing a few of these in to give ambient lighting at night, or using it in a shower to give you more light if needed. I may end up putting it in my car for winter to use that red blinking mode as a locator beacon should I happen to go off the road in a blizzard but I could also see it being nice on a bedside table, in a tent while camping etc.


I can’t help to think what the Olight Olantern would have been like with these white LED’s to create a nice warm tint. It’s a nice choice in LED and a surprise from Olights standard cool white. The price is also reasonable and the choice of colors is a nice touch. I am a fan of the Obulb even though I won’t use it all the time.