Olight Seeker 3 Pro Review & October Flash Sale (Obag Sport, Open Pro, i3T Breast Cancer Charity Sale)

Today’s video is going to cover a mini review of the new Olight Seeker 3 Pro, as well as the new Obag, an Ember Open Pro, and a special edition Olight i5T to support the breast cancer foundation. This video is in support of Olights October flash sale which starts October 28th at 8pm EST. As usual this is the best time to grab the new items and some of your favorites for the largest discount, and help support my channel at the same time, a link to the sale is in the description. Thanks to Olight for sending me these things to take a look at.



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Olight Flash Sale Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLQ

10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


Seeker 3 Pro Review

Instead of doing a full review on the Seeker 3 Pro like I might normally, I am going to cover the main differences between the older Seeker 2 Pro and the new Seeker 3 Pro. The two largest changes are the move from a triple LED arrangement in the head to a quad, and the new button/interface. 

I will insert a few pictures here of the packaging and how it arrives and everything it comes with. Notable for me, is that new Orange Case on my Orange light. This thing is bright and looks great! Build quality on the light is up to Olight’s standards, with no notable flaws. The new light is just slightly longer then the Seeker 2 Pro, and 2 grams heavier. 



The Seeker 3 Pro is using 4x Osram P9 LED in 6000-7000k cool white tint. This is the same LED that the Seekr 2 Pro, used but one more. The beam is a bit more floody, but with the increase in LED, you see an increase in output in turbo, from 3000 lumens to 4200 lumens, without  a decrease in runtimes. The other modes, Moon, Low, Medium, High, are all the same as the Seeker 2 Pro, making the mode spacing here good, but turbo being a large bump from high, 1200 to 4200 lumens. Throw increase slightly by 30M to 250M with that increased power as well.




Instead of the normal button that you are used to on other Olights, they have chosen to go with a sudo rotary switch on the Seeker 3 Pro, this was originally an X9R feature. The bezel of the switch now has a dial that spins, and you still have the brightness and battery check found on either side of the switch.

So a couple of things you need to know on how this works. First you do still have the traditional Olight UI here with a small twist being auto lockout. The light will automatically lock itself out after 30 second of non use. To unlock you have to press the button and spin the wheel to wake up the light, and then press the button to turn it on. There is no way to disable this. SO once on you can press and hold to go through your normal moon, low, medium, and high outputs, double click to go to Turbo, and triple click to go to strobe. You also have the ability to spin the dial left and right to step the light up or down in very small steps to get it at a more precise output. It takes a full 5 resolution of the dial to go from the lowest to highest outputs (non turbo). On a light like this I feel like it’s a little clunky, and auto lockout takes additional time. I am not a fan out the automatic lockout here, and I wish I could disable it.


The light also has a proximity sensor, but new is the ability to override the stepdown if you want. The proximity sensor works the same as it did on the Warrior Mini 2, meaning when on in turbo it will step down when it sense it gets too close to something, but also step up when moved away. The override here is easy to use too, once stepped down, just double click the button to override it. These two combined makes the proximity sensor really useful as a safety feature without harming the output of the light if you know what your doing. 



Recharging is similar to recent Olights, The light uses a customized Olight 21700 5000mAh battery with onboard recharging via the magnetic MCC charging system. Charge time from Empty at 3.03V to full at 4.18V takes about 3.5 hours, and follows a typical olight charging curve that my meter can’t fully record. There is no Ldock with this model although I suspect the one from the Seeker 2 Pro will work here just fine. 



My conclusion on the Seeker 3 Pro is a larger upgrade in performance than I was expecting. That said it’s not game changing. Turbo is noticeably brighter but that’s it in terms of performance as the throw is very similar, and beam shape is similar as well, lower modes are the same as the Seeker 2 Pro.

I don’t care for the dial here and the way it works for it’s infant adjustments. It’s slow and I would prefer a ramping UI instead, at least the standard Olight UI still works. Auto lockout is basically a deal breaker for me, as I almost fumble with it every time I try to turn it on, this should get better as I use it but I wish I could disable it. The proximity sensor is a winner here, with the ability to override it if you want, this improves the lights safety, but doesn’t interfere with how it operates. 


If you have a Seeker 2 Pro, this isn’t a necessary upgrade, and I would say if your a first time buyer, pick whichever you can get at the best price or in the color/material combination you like best. 


Extras and Sale info

So the sale starts October 28th at 8pm ESt and runs till midnight on October 29th. Everyone who logs in during the flash sale will receive an OD Green i3E for free, just pay shipping. I have the black i3E here, as the green were not available yet at the time of filming. It’s a nice but basic AAA keychain light. 


Olight Flash Sale Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLQ

10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.


Obag Sport

Next up is OBag Sport here – This is a free gift if your order is between $129 and $228, and additionally you get $10 coupon good until the end of November. This is a heavier weight nylon bag, that has padded draw strings, handles, and is water resistant. It has a nice Olight logo down one side. This is an upgrade over those free bags given away at trade shows. It would be nice for taking to the gym or pool, a light weight bag when camping etc. Olight also has some other free gifts if you spend more such as the new Olantern Classic, and a Seeker 3 in OD Green.


Open Pro – Ember Edition

Next up is the New Open Pro in a limited edition Ember color. This is my first time handling the Open Pro and I think it’s an improvement on the Open 2, It’s a little bit narrower in diameter which I like, and the LED light is in the clip, and out the top you have a green laser. Everything is run with the bolt on the pen which is pretty cool. Ink on this is a ball point cartridge instead of the gel based ink that caused problems on the Open 2. It’s still the same size cartridge though so finding aftermarket options is a little more tricky but they are available. This is a limited edition with it’s splash of orange color and will be available during the flash sale for $56. If you want to see a more in depth review of the Open Pro, let me know in the comments below.


i3T Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

Last up that I have is a Pink i3T charity sale to support the Breast Cancer Foundation in the US. It’s a cool pink and white camo anodizing on this light, and best of all it’s only $16.46 during this flash sale. I can see mine going to my wife for sure, this would make a great gift for any of the ladies in your life. It’s a simple AAA light making 180 lumens with a simple interface. I would recommend putting a NiHM or Lithium primary in it to prevent any corrosion in the future though. 

Olight has other bundle deals available during the sale of a bunch of existing products, many available in Orange for the first time, like the Fryer, the Drever in both Orange and White, Purple Perun 2, and the all new Warrior 3. So make sure you check out my link in the description below to the Olight Store website so you can check out everything and make a purchase to see the biggest discount on new stuff for October. Don’t forget the sale starts Oct 28th at 8pm CST. 


Olight Flash Sale Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLQ

10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.