Spain day 5?

Today was the first day we went to school. It was very interesting.  The school has several different buildings that you have to walk from building to building outside.  In classes it is loud and many students do not care. Today I went to math and learned some advanced alegbra with some trig thrown in.  I understood most of it.  It was stuff I had done in the past.  I also went to grammer class in which he teacher included the students in class a good amount. He had us pronounce words.  The room has monitors on which a program runs that pronounces words.  It is British english and we were Americans so we had different pronounciations it was very cool.  We had the oposite lesson as the Spanards did.  It was difficult.  I also got my money changed finially today and went shopping.  I bought shorts and a shirt.  Today for lunch we had meat balls with sause. It was very good and I at 10 meat balls. 

 The photos below are of Madrid.  I will try to get some of Toledo up as well in the next day or so. 



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