¿Spain day 6?

Today I went to school.  My first class of the day was like study hall and a few of the kids wrote out slang frases for me and translated them.  I will post some later but they are funny, dirty, and very sexual.  All this time the teacher is listening to mp3´s in his headphones.  I then had the class of Spanish Lititure.  I did not understand any of this and the teacher was strict and ignored the Americans completly.  We then had English class which was fun.  The students were learning articals such as a-an-the  The Americans would read sentences and fill in the blank. We also found an error on the worksheet.  I have the worksheet and will post it later when i can scan it. 

The American students then went out on the town for about 2 hours while everyone else was finishing school. We went shopping and just walked it was a good time.  For lunch we had fish and I tried some and it was ok but they knew I did not like fish so I had beef.  I also had my first Siesta today it was nice. I then went and took about 70 photos of their house and the surrounding area.  It is very beautiful with olive groves and hills.  There are also wild flowers.  I wish the sun would shine. It would make the photos so much bette.  Tonight we are going to a movie and dinner.  I will try and update with some photos later. 

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