Newegg Customer Service Experience

Thursday night I got an
email from Newegg
advertising an upcoming
promotion. I looked
through it and found
that they were advertising a portable hard drive for $23.99. As I looked further it
appeared it was a
price error so I got onto their live customer service chat and the
occurred. All names have been changed to protect identieis.


The Problem

Chat Information 
Please wait while we connect you to a Newegg
representative. You are number 24 in the queue.

Chat Information 
Thank you for contacting Newegg. My name is —–. How
I assist you today?

LiquidRetro: Hi, I noticed
in the email promotion you just sent out that you have a product that
is miss
like the typed product
for the advertised price on this website

NeweggCSRep: Well can I
have the item number of the one you desire?

LiquidRetro: the item
number is on that promotions page it is WDXMS1600TN

NeweggCSRep: Let me
check into the promo code you provided. One moment please…

LiquidRetro: ok

NeweggCSRep: Yes the
item is indeed $23.99. But the advertised one is for item #
Please add this item to cart and you will see the price of $23.99.

LiquidRetro:No you
misunderstood me.
want the item that
is described the Western Digital Hard drive for 23.99

NeweggCSRep: I see. But
the hard drive you mentioned is currently sold as $140.99.

LiquidRetro: The email I
just received states that item Western Digital Passport 2.5″ External
Drive Model #: WDXMS1600TN · 160GB, 5400 RPM ·
USB 2.0 Price: $23.99. I would
like this advertisement honored.

NeweggCSRep: There might
be a description error on the webpage you provided. I have already
your email to our Product Support department for review. Once we
this issue we will make any changes necessary to the item description
photos in order to rectify this situation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

LiquidRetro: You are not
understanding me. I WANT THE HARD DRIVE AS ADVERTISED FOR $23.99

NeweggCSRep: I do
understand you. The advertised item is for item # N82E16833130111.
Please click
and add it to cart, the item will then shows item # N82E16833130111.


Well, at this point I decided that since I am not
getting the hard drive
for 23.99. 

decided to be cocky and see
how far I could go before I got kicked off the chat helpline. 
During this part I was
talking with a friend
and we both came up with what I said


The Hit

LiquidRetro: Hey your name
is cute? Are you from Paris?

NeweggCSRep: I am so
sorry \LiquidRetro. I will contact our related dept to correct the
error. Please
refers to the price on the item description webpage.

NeweggCSRep: By the way
I am not from Paris.

LiquidRetro: Oh too bad its
a great city.
women their are so Hot.  Especially
the butt.

NeweggCSRep: Haha…



NeweggCSRep: Well in
this case I would like to offer you $15.00 credit upon your next order
on item
# N82E16822136060 as an exception for this inconvenience.

NeweggCSRep: Thanks for
your kind reminding.

LiquidRetro: Ok. That will
be sufficient.
the credit only

on the hard drive or can i use it on other newegg purchases?

NeweggCSRep: The credit
will be offer upon your next order on the mentioned hard drive.

NeweggCSRep: You may
simply contact us back with the new order number and I will then remove
from your new order.

LiquidRetro: Oh I am not
really interested in purchasing that hard drive at that price.
  Could it possibly
become a general credit?

NeweggCSRep: Ok. Since
you are really a kind guy I would like to offer you $15.00 upon your
next order
on either of the item you desire.

NeweggCSRep: Can I have
your login email address?

LiquidRetro: Myemail@email.Com  Thanks

LiquidRetro: Could you just
credit this product

LiquidRetro: I am looking
at purchasing it

NeweggCSRep: Well this
item is $13.99 and is offered free 3Day shipping. If you order right
now I can
remove the item price for you directly from your new order.

LiquidRetro: So it would
them cost me nothing correct?

NeweggCSRep: Yes. I can
wait here for your order number if you do it right now…

LiquidRetro: Your order#
is: xxxxxxxx

NeweggCSRep: Let me take
a look into that. One moment please…

LiquidRetro: no problem
take your time

NeweggCSRep: I have
already removed the item price from this order. It is a free order at
moment. You may verify this information online.

LiquidRetro: Ok 
It looks like it is $0.00 Thanks very much


Now I decide to be even more cocky because I
already got a free microSD
card out of it.  I
reverted back to the
discussion on the French

LiquidRetro: I appreciate
it very much. I told you The French were good looking. Here is a french
news anchor
that is so HOT!

NeweggCSRep: You are so
welcome LiquidRetro. 🙂 It is really interesting talking with you.
  I agree with you. The
French is good looking.

LiquidRetro: Thanks you
have been an excellent CS rep. How do you compare to her?

NeweggCSRep: Of course
she is prettier than me…

LiquidRetro: How would I
know. You sound very nice and your very helpful and accommodating

NeweggCSRep: :-))))))))
You know, I am not a confident girl. Anyway thanks for your kind words.

LiquidRetro: Well again
Thanks and you have my email if you ever want to chat

NeweggCSRep: Sure. Is
the email your MSN account?

LiquidRetro: no My MSN is MyMSNAccount@Hotmail.Com

NeweggCSRep: :-D. I see.
Will chat with you after work if I have time.

NeweggCSRep: HerMSNAddress@MSN.Com

NeweggCSRep: Yeah..
There are still 16 customers waiting to be served. Have a good night.

LiquidRetro: You too 🙂

NeweggCSRep: Bye LiquidRetro.


It all ends well, I get a free 1gb micrSD card, and
she wants to talk
to me afterwork… very strange.  This
goes to show you that being cocky can get you free stuff,  sometimes. 
My advice to anyone who is going to deal with a CS rep is
to act cocky
and if your lucky, and get a chick you might score free stuff!