Avoca Quack-Off 2011 (Duck Races)

I heard about this event on Twitter and decided to go take a look. It would be good for my 356 photo project right? The quack-off is a duck race that is a fundraiser for the local volunteer fire department.  It has been going on for over 20 years. During this year the small town of Avoca Nebraska grows from 250 people to over 2000. Many local bars in Lincoln and other surrounding larger towns charter busses to take people to this small town and bring them home safe. Alcohol was a common theme along with the ducks so the bus to get people home safely was a wise idea.  Tailgating was happening all around town anywhere people could gather. Fires and BBQ’s were common.  The local bar served basic food and drinks for anyone who did not bring their own. While there were lots of little kids I would not really of called this a family event with all the drinking.  People of all ages were at the event but it was a majority of college aged kids.

The event worked like this racers registered a few hours before the race for $20.  They could use their own duck or “rent a duck” for a fee if they needed.  The racers were then organized into individual races (5 racers at a time). The winners advanced until a champion was crowned.  The race was held on a basketball court in the local park.  The last few days had been very warm so things were very muddy from the melting snow for the spectators. The weather was great for January in Nebraska. Sunny with a high of 35 F.

This was an experience to say the least.  It was nice to just walk on to the basketball court and take photos.  With a big lens and an attitude that you know what you’re doing gets you a long ways.  Everyone was nice and enjoying the event. Bleachers would of helped people not in the first few rows see.  There was even a marriage proposal from a young couple who had their first kiss at last year’s race. She said yes and then the couple won their race.  Below are a few photos from the event. You can see more on my Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/eos_liquidretro/sets/72157625814754047/

The newly engaged couple wins.

Kind of sums up the quack-off

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