VicTsing Mechanical LED Keyboard (Blue Switches) Review

A backlit mechanical keyboard is one of those things you don’t know you need until you have one and go without it. Today I have a new VicTsing backlit LED keyboard to look at with blue switches. Thanks to them for sending this to me to look at.

In case you don’t know mechanical keyboards have became very popular in the past few years with gamers, coders, and office workers who type a lot. There are a variety of switch types that are described by their color. Cherry was the original company producing these switches but now there are more affordable options on the market that function nearly the same. The keyboard I have been using at home uses a brown switch which is a little quieter but still clicky. This new VicTsing uses a blue style switch which is one of the louder versions with medium force. They are clicky so you might now want to use it near other people but it works great for typing I think or gaming if you are into that. These take about 60 grams of force to activate which for me seems fairly normal. For the money it’s pretty affordable for a mechanical keyboard.


The backlighting on this keyboard is the star of the show for a low cost keyboard. It has 9 preconfigured modes to light up certain keys for different styles of games or use. You can also adjust brightness of the lights but the colors are not adjustable. Let’s take a look at all the colors.


Build Quality and other Features

This keyboard is made from rigid black plastic hand is held together with screws mostly. For the price this is what I expected and I don’t have any problems with it flexing unnecessarily. The feet to prop the keyboard up are standard height. One thing I think more keyboards should have that this one does is drain holes. It should help drain the liquid if something gets spilled. The keyboard uses a full size USB connector with a pretty long plug on it. This could be an issue on a laptop but it’s not on a desktop. It’s nice there is a key puller included in the box too.


Improvements I would like to see

  • Nylon Wrapped cable
  • Windows key on the right hand side of the keyboard.
  • A little better font on the keys.


This is a decent cheap mechanical keyboard. This would be great for anyone who is wanting to try out a mechanical keyboard and not wanting to spend over $100 on one. Expect that the keys will be loud, and may annoy others in the room. For gaming this is a good option, with all the different LED patterns. I personally prefer dedicated volume buttons but can manage with the function key ability. Great for a beginner or someone new to mechanical keyboards to try out. 

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