Things have been busy and I have not kept this blog updated as I had hoped.  I have heard and I have been e-mailing and instant messaging the family I will be staying with in Spain.  I am very excited about the trip.

Below is an attempt at macro photography.  The object is an American Flag.

American Flag Macro 1

American Flag Macro 2

Sunrise Part 1

Sunrise Reflections

I took this shot last week in the moring.  The sunrise was amazing and captured it quickly around my house.  This is what I came up with.  I will edit this post and include the other image as well.


This weekend I purchased a Photochute. It’s a great little device that once your camera or other USB device is plugged in it will suck all your files/pictures onto the device. It’s great for travel. I highly recomend it.

Picture of PhotoChute