Olight Warrior Mini 2 Review (1750 Lumens, Listening to user feedback)

Todays’ video is on the brand new Olight Warrior Mini 2. Olight took feedback from the community on the original Warrior Mini, which I have done 2 previous videos on, and made some changes for the Warrior Mini 2. The Mini 2 follows in a similar manner on how Olight upgraded the S2R Baton II, into the Baton Pro with it gaining in length and features. Olight did send the new Warrior Mini 2 to me to review it and help promote their flash sale that starts tonight at 7pm Eastern Time. I will explain the sale further on in this review, but do know that if you’re interested in anything, using my link below will help the channel, and if you’re watching after the sale is over, I will have a code below where you can save 10% off regular prices. This will be a longer review, but it has chapters so make sure to skip around to see the parts your most interested in.


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A little bit about that flash sale before we get into the review. It starts June 17th at 7pm Central time and it runs for 24 hours. You can get the Black or Tan Warrior Mini 2 for 35% off $67.46 during that time. They will also have a Warrior Mini 2 Mountain Sky limited edition color for $71.21. There are bundles for all 3 with the i3T Mountain Sky edition too for a few more dollars. Other sale items include the Odin which I have reviewed previously, the new Olantern Mini, and some Mega packs of Olight products. If you order during the flash sale you will also get a free Olight Fathers day Mini tool. 


Packaging & Accessories

Standard Olight packaging applies here with the white boxes, and nice glossy photo, and full of tons of information on the back. Inside is a pull out try with the light including the yellow read me card to help you get the basics of your light down and ensure success.

Accessories that come with the light are the warrior Mini 2 itself, Olight custom and proprietary 3500mAh 18650 battery (ORB-186C35), the MCC3A magnetic charger, lanyard, and carabiner style ring as well as a manual. 


Construction quality is typical Olight, quality machining, fit and finish with the design and anodizing here. The tail is a one piece design with the body tube, so the battery goes in only from the head side. The button on the rear is all metal exterior construction and features the tri lug design we have seen on other recent “tactical models allowing the button to be pressed more easily with gloves. It’s also magnetic but not strong enough to hold the light horizontally on the few painted metal surfaces I tested, it does tail stand though. The button itself is spongy, and fairly stiff. It’s a two stage actuation which I like quite a bit from a UI perspective but it takes a bit of muscle memory to know how hard to press to get into that first lower output mode. 

The texture on the body is aggressive but not sharp in the hand. I really like the feel of it. The downside is it’s aggressive enough to tear up pockets with pulled in and out during repeated use. Threads are smooth, square cut and nicely greased. Up until this point it’s all the same as the Warrior Mini. The one difference on the body tube is the addition of a pocket/lanyard clip indention at the rear of the light. I’ll talk about the options this opens up during the retention section of the review.

The head internally has a single short spring in the center, and then a ring with pogo pins for making contact with the proprietary batteries negative terminal on the top. This is the same basic design as the Warrior Mini, and the heads are in fact interchangeable. On the exterior the clip is captured. The button is the same as Olight has used in recent models with the LED underneath to indicate battery charge status. It can display, Green, Orange, and Yellow. 

The head is what’s the most different on the Warrior Mini 2, over the outgoing model. It’s longer overall, with an aluminum bezel that protects the glass lens (yes). Inside is still a TIR style optic, but a little different style, it’s deeper and has a clear center instead of a bubble center. There is also the proximity sensor in the bezel, it doesn’t have a noticeable effect on beam quality. 

Is it Safe?

Since I know this is what a lot of you are wondering I will make it it’s own section but talk more about how the proximity sensor and UI works in the LED and UI sections. The video is really best for this part where I demonstrate all this, so make sure to check that out. So let’s take a black synthetic sock and put it over the lens of the light to show what happens and that this one won’t melt any clothing. I will speed this footage up a bit to show that after stepdown the light will shut off after 1 minute if the lens is still blocked. I wasn’t able to get anything to make the tail cap turn the light on with a high resistance metal object. I tried Keys, Ball Chain, Coins, etc. 

Size and Weight

I measured the overall length at 118mm, minimum diameter at the tail at 23.3g, and maximum diameter at the head at 25mm.Weight with the battery and main pocket clip installed is 120g. The light is IPX8 water rated and drop rated for 1.5M. So the light grew in length by 11mm and weight by 15g over the original Warrior Mini that I have in the same accessory configuration. 



You have some new retention options from Olight with the Warrior Mini 2, First up is the pocket clip, this is similar to the one on the original Warrior mini, being that it’s a dual direction clip and can be used to clip onto a hat to use as a make shift headlamp, but the new clip on the Mini 2 is longer by 13mm. It can also now mount on the rear of the light if you wish for a no show deep carry carry. In the top position the clip is captured and won’t rotate, but when mounted on the tail cap it can rotate. The fit here is tight though so it takes effort.

It also has a clip style attachment for a lanyard point which can be mounted anywhere the clip can be mounted too. You can use the included lanyard here or on the clip if you wish. Or you can use the new Carabiner style ring and put a finger through it so you don’t drop the light. Both of these retention options will fit on either the top or the bottom of the light.


LED & Beam

The LED being used in the Warrior Mini 2 is the SST40 in a 6000-7000k tint. It has a little green tinge on the lowest modes but once you apply more power that fades substantially.  I have no problems with the SST40 LED but wish one of the neutral tint bins was used here. 

The beam is good through the TIR optic despite having the proximity sensor taking up some of the available room. There is a glass lens here, instead of the one piece plastic Lens/TIR optic that the Warrior Mini used. This, combined with the proximity sensor should eliminate the melting lens and clothing issues the original light had. 

Warrior Mini 2 on the Left, Original Warrior Mini on the Right


Overall the beam here is great for EDC in my opinion with a medium to large hot spot and quite a bit of spill, good for close up and medium to far range. With the tail switch this would be a good option to do a one handed grip of your weapon and have the light nearby in the opposite hand (Harris or Chapman style) if you wished. The one downside more of the light sticks up out of your pocket here with heads up carry which are key to those grips. 


Olight lists the official output modes as:

  • Turbo – 1750 – 500 – 200 Lumens with step downs.
  • High – 500 – 200 Lumens
  • Medium – 120 Lumens
  • Low – 15 Lumens
  • Moon – 1 Lumen

Turbo sees a slight bump with the Warrior Mini 2 as does the step down modes in Turbo and High outputs. The stepdown upgrades are only 30 lumens so it’s really hard to notice but the extra 250 on Turbo you can notice slightly. There is a very small amount of PWM that I can detect with my oscilloscope on Low mode, on all the other modes no PWM was detected. 


For Night Shots, please see the video.


Runtime & Heat

One minor annoyance with the proximity sensor is it’s made testing runtimes very difficult because even in High the light will shut off after 1 minute when it detects an obstruction doesn’t move. The white surfaces of my test rig reflect light well and make this feature turn the light off, and not step down. So I improvised and used a dark room with the light testing sensor about 3 feet away.


Olight lists turbo as lasting for 4 minutes on the Mini 2, and as you can see from my graph that lines up very well with what I saw, you only get top output for a minute before it steps down to 29% relative output over the next 3 minutes. After that it runs for 208 minutes (Exactly what the manual says) before stepping down 2 more times. Total runtime was 4:20:00. LVP on the battery was 2.75V. Max temp I saw during this time was 54C at 1:45, but during the bulk of the runtime the light ran about 41C. I also ran a runtime on medium and got numbers that were within 2% of Olight’s claimed runtime. I have every reason to believe Olight is telling the truth here. 



The UI on the Warrior Mini 2 is the same that’s was on the Olight original Mini. It has 2 buttons for operation, first the two stage tail switch which is the more tactical operation, and then the standard silicone button up front for normal uses. It follows Olights basic UI for the most part. 


When you half press the tail button, you get medium in configuration 1, and then turbo 1750  lumens when you full press. This is in configuration 1, In configuration 2 the tail switch goes to turbo on half press and strobe on full press. 


UI is similar to other Olights but with some differences. Long press from Off to go to moon light mode, Double click to go to Turbo, and Triple click to go to strobe.There the front eswitch is mostly used as a mode switch but can be used to turn the light on and off from off as well.


The proximity sensor on the Warrior Mini 2 is the first time they have got it right in my opinion and I have not wanted to disable or remove it to make the light better. What they did right was to give the programming the ability to step the light down to safe outputs and temps if the lens is obstructed, but then step back up the light to its previous level when that obstruction is removed. It’s super simple, but no previous Olights that I have reviewed with proximity sensors have worked this way. The sensor is also unable to be disabled on this light from what I can tell. One minor annoyance with the proximity sensor is it’s made testing runtimes very difficult because even in High the light will shut off after 1 minute when it detects an obstruction. 

I would be a fool` for not mentioning that the Warrior Mini 2 has a lockout mode after what happened with the original Warrior Mini. I am sure Olight would like me to mention you should use lockout when carrying this light in your pocket. The manual does mention to lock the light if it’s left unused or carried to avoid accidental activation. To enable lockout hold the front button for about 3 seconds, when off, moonlight will turn on and then off to let you know it’s activated. The same will deactivate it. You can’t mechanically unscrew the light to stop any parasitic drain on the light, the light will work if any threads are engaged in the head of it. 



Nothing new to report on the recharging front with the Warrior Mini 2. It comes with Olights newest MCC 2A charging system which is faster and denoted with the red ring inside. The magnetic charging system is convenient and easy but does require a proprietary battery (3500mAh in this case) and the Warrior Mini 2 is no different. The proprietary Olight battery goes with the positive terminal facing the head in this light though which isn’t always the case. This battery doesn’t have a plastic ring that stands proud and can be charged in a conventional charger like the Vapcel S4 Plus, or various Xtar chargers I have reviewed in the past. I did test the capacity of the included 3500mAh battery at 3398mAh so a little short of the rating but not too bad.

I saw total charging time take 2:35:00, and as usually my charging monitoring system doesn’t like the drops in current that the MCC chargers do so my graph is incomplete. Max charge rate I saw was 1.3A at 1:16:00 mark. Once full the battery measured 4.2145V. LVP was measured at 2.75V.



  • I like that you can mount the clip either near the front or the rear of the light but you pay in overall length.
  • Glass Lens = No melted lens issues
  • Proximity sensor here means the light isn’t going to melt clothing or damage itself, and the programming here is good
  • I couldn’t get the light  to come on with stuff in my pocket on accident via the rear contacts.
  • New carry option with the ability to mount the clip on the rear of the light, and new retention options.



  • Longer than the Warrior Mini, which makes it less appealing to EDC in my opinion, but it’s safer to carry too.
  • Still cool white only options
  • Name, I would have called this the Warrior Mini Pro to mirror what Olights done with the Baton line.



So if you follow this channel and I hope that you do, you will know I have done 2 previous videos on the previous model light, the Warrior Mini. Overall I liked the light but it had a few issues, that occurred when the light came on accidentally while in people pockets for various reasons. This resulted in melted lenses and a few melted pieces of clothing. Well with the Warrior Mini 2, Olight solved that problem by using a glass lens and installing a proximity sensor, and I think their implementation here of those is good. 

On past Olight models, I have not been a fan of the proximity sensor, but on the Warrior Mini 2 I think they got the programming right to where it provides added protection so you don’t melt your clothing or burn yourself if the light comes on accidentally, but still let’s the light be useable since when the obstruction is removed from the lens the light goes back to its original brightness.

I wouldn’t have called this light the Warrior Mini 2, and instead called it the Warrior Mini Pro because it’s s similar upgrade on what Olight did with the S2R Baton II and Baton Pro, where output was increased as well as overall length. You don’t notice the brightness change much on the Warrior Mini 2 but the increase in length is noticeable, if you choose to EDC. 

Overall the Warrior Mini 2 is a nice light, and a good upgrade over the original with more performance, and more importantly it fixes the flaws in the original light with the added proximity sensor. This makes for a better flashlight thats much safer to use. I just wish it wouldn’t have grown in length as much as it did. 

So if you have made it this far you might be considering picking up this light, and if you are the flashsale that starts tonight June 17th will be the best time to pick up the light during Olights Flash sale and introduction of the Warrior Mini 2.


Sale Details

You have 3 colors of Warrior Mini 2 available on the sale. Black and Tan for $67.46 and Mountain Sky for $71.21. For about $4 more you can get a bundle with the I3T mountain sky edition too.

Odins are back in Black and gray for $118 and $125 respectively. There are bundle deals with Obulbs and the new Olantern Mini’s too.

Olantern Mini is being released for the first time in Black and Red for 25% off $44.96 and has a bundle option for the I1R 2 in Desert Tan.

There are also Mega Packs and Free tiers too to get free products or save more. Everyone who buys something will get a free Fathers day Multitool too. 


Warrior Mini 2 Flash Sale Link: http://bit.ly/WarriorMini2FS

Warrior Mini  2 Bundle Flash Sale Link: http://bit.ly/WarriorMini2Bundle

Olight Flash Sale General Link: https://bit.ly/OlightLiquidRetro


10% OFF Coupon code: LQ10 Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings only.

Olight S1R Baton 3 Review (EDC Flashlight, Wireless Charging Case, Premium Edition)

Olight is launching an updated version of their popular Baton II with the launch of the Baton 3. While it’s the same size as before it’s slightly brighter in turbo mode, but the big difference is the inclusion of the portable Wireless charger. Olight did send this to me to help promote their flash sale on this new light and other goodies mentioned later that starts on March 18th at 8pm EST and runs through March 19th at 8pm EST. Do know that your support does help out my channel in the process. I will have details on the sale at the end of my review.

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Check out that Flash Sale on March 18 2021 starting at 8PM EST until March 19 at 8PM EST. https://bit.ly/OlightLiquidRetro


Get 10% off on non sale items with the code “LQ10”


Packaging & Accessories

It’s a mid to upper tier Olight product so the packaging is quite nice with a magnetic side closure box. Glossy photo (Fingerprint alert) of the light in the charging case instead of the light itself. The rear has a full description, feature list and spec chart. Inside it’s incased in a soft touch silicone/plastic bag, with the light being shipped inside it’s wireless charging box. Do note you have 2 plastic isolators that need removed before everything will work here, between the charging case and the light, and then inside the light between the battery and light. 

Accessories include the Baton 3 with a 550mAh Olight branded proprietary battery, Baton 3 Wireless Charger box, Color Coordinated USB-A to USB-C charging cable, Microfiber cleaning cloth, manual and other paperwork.



Let’s start with the new wireless charging case first, it’s made of a high quality plastic but the finish on the outside is special. It’s like a metalized two tone finish that in my case is red but with some gray undertones. It doesn’t photograph like it shows to the eye. On the outside you have the USB-C port without a cover, and a small LED to tell you the charging status that comes on when the lid is opened. Inside the there is a chamber for the Baton 3 to charge. At the bottom there is what looks to be the MCC charging system. Both the S1R Baton II and S1R Baton 3 fit and charge in this case with the clip on, but larger lights with 18650’s don’t fit due to the diameter.. More about performance in the charging section below. On the bottom of the case you have the specs listed and it says there is a 3500mAh 18650 inside but it will charge the Baton 3 3.7 times. Hmmm.

The light itself is the same size as the previous Baton 2, and similar in design. The biggest visual difference is the texture on the body has been changed from the pyramids to rectangles that are pyramid shaped. It’s the same texture that the Warrior Mini has. I like it, it’s on the aggressive side. My light here is aluminium and the red anodizing is really nice, and bright. The light has what I will call copper like accents on the bezel, around the switch and the clip finish. The bezel has engraved very lightly “1200 Lumens, CCT 6000-7000k”.


The tail is magnetic as before, but there is no longer a lanyard hole milled into the side of the light, and one isn’t included in the package as the previous model. The lens look to be the same TIR reflector as used in many Olights and made of plastic. 

Branding is a bit different between the two lights as well, mainly on the side that shows the model name. Gone is the stylish branding and instead it’s been replaced with a minimal branding that larger model name. I’m not a huge fan of this change.


Size & Weight

I measured the length of the light at 63mm, and the diameter of the body at 21mm. Weight with the body was 52.4g. The light is IPX8 water rated. Here are few pictures showing the light with the S1R Baton II so you can get an idea of the size. 


The case measured at 84mm high, 62mm wide, and 30mm thick. Weight with the light inside is 166.7g.



The S1R Baton 3 is designed with pocket EDC use in mind. The Clip has been updated a bit from the previous model. It’s still dual direction, but they have added a small additional contact patch along the body so that it makes more contact with your pocket material which I think is nice to help it lock into your pocket. The other difference I noticed is it only has one hole in the front and not in the top as well for a lanyard. 

The wireless charging case does fit into a front jeans pocket ok, but it’s very noticeable and larger than I want to carry that way. I think it’s a much better fit as something to put in a bag, coat pocket or purse. 

LED & Beamshots

Olight doesn’t say which LED is being used here, and it’s hard to see with the TIR reflector. The previous light used a Cree XPL-2 and this looks similar I think it’s an SST-20. Olight only gives a range on the tint, here between 6000-7000k and no CRI data but it’s safe to say it’s not higher then 70 CRI. The tint is slightly warmer then my S1R2 that says it’s 6500k so maybe I got lucky and have something more along 6000k. Mine has an ever so slight green tinge to it at lower powers, at higher powers it’s more cool white. It’s not my favorite tint but works for general use.


The beam is very similar to the S1R2 but on my S1R Baton 3 it’s a little tighter and more intense. You can see this in the candela rating that increased from 5250 to 6889 candea. In the real world that means it throws a little further, about 26 meters further according to the data.


S1R Baton II 


S1R Baton 3


S1R Baton 3 S1R Baton II
Moon 0.5 Lumens 0.5 Lumens
Low 12 Lumens 12 Lumens
Medium 60 Lumens 60 Lumens
High 300 Lumens 600 Lumens
Turbo 1200 Lumens 1000 Lumens


Heat & Runtime

One of the changes on the Baton 3 in terms of output is that while Turbo has increased by 200 lumens to 1200, high mode has been decreased from 600 to 300. My guess is this was done to increase the effective runtime on the same size battery. Mode spacing between all 3 modes are good, here and you always have Turbo’s 1200 lumens for more light if needed. 


Turbo runtime seems to be timed on this light with turbo stepping down at the 1:30 mark to about 22% relative output. Thats 1200 lumens to 300 lumens. It holds this for 1:22:00 though which is pretty good, with total runtime being just shy of 1:30:00. Max heat I saw during this was 36C, so just warm to the touch. I will insert some graphs that show this and compare between lights. LVP kicked in at 2.97V.



The S1R Baton 3 has the standard Olight UI many of us have come to know, and I like with the slower fades from off/on and between modes. From off, long press to activate moonlight mode at 0.5 lumens. To turn on in normal modes single click the switch, to change brightness level hold the button and the light will cycle through the 4 available modes lowest to highest. Double click to access turbo. Triple click to access strobe. The light also features memory mode for normal modes. 


Lockout can be accomplished when the light is off by pressing and holding the switch for 2 seconds until moonlight mode comes on and immediately shuts off. If you then press the button the red LED under the power button will come on to let you know your in lockout mode. To exit lockout press the button for about 1 second until moonlight mode stays on. Personally I will just give the body of the light a ¼ turn to mechanically lock it out.



The big difference here with the Baton 3 is the portable wireless charger that this light in the premium configuration comes with. Olights official stats list it has having a 3500mAh 18650 battery inside, allowing you to recharge the 550mAh battery 3.7 times. 

Now I tested this and it’s accuratish, which leads me to believe the internal charging circuit isn’t the most efficient thing. The case charges via USB-C and it includes a nice USB-A to C cable with colored ends to match your case and light. It will charge via USB-C to C or via USB-C PD but you won’t see a speed increase here. Maximum charge rate was 2A, and total charge time is 1:50:00. Total energy capacity was measured with the charge at 2.86Ah. Unfortunately you can’t use the case to charge your phone which I think was a bit short sighted in it’s design. This would be a killer feature on a future version. When fully charged the cell measured 4.19V.

The wireless charging case takes about 45 minutes to charge the S1R Baton 3, and can charge the S1R Baton II as well. The premium edition of the light bundle doesn’t include a MCC charging cable that we are used to seeing on other Olights, but the standard version does. It has no problem charging either version of the light. 



  • Color options from the launch! (Red, Blue, Black)
  • Wireless Recharging box uses USB-C
  • Improved pocket retention on the clip.
  • Slightly brighter, more intense beam.



  • Limited edition Blue color costs extra
  • Cool white tint only, with a bit of green in lower powers. 
  • MCC charging cable is only available with the standard version.
  • Blue costs extra and is a more limited edition, lame. 


Sale Details


Here are the sale details I mentioned I would say  https://bit.ly/OlightLiquidRetro

  1. Baton 3 Standard Edition Black/Red, 25% OFF, $48.71 (MSRP: $64.95)

    Bundle: Baton 3 Standard Edition Black + Baton 3 Standard Edition Red, 35% OFF,$84.44?MSRP: $129.90?


  1. Baton 3 Premium Edition Black/Red, 35% OFF, $64.97 (MSRP: $99.95)

    Bundle: Baton 3 Premium Edition Black/Red + i3T EOS Brass, 35% OFF, $84.44 (MSRP: $129.90)


  1. Baton3 Premium Edition Blue(Limited Edition), 35% OFF, $71.47 (MSRP: $109.95)

    Bundle: Baton 3 Premium Edition Blue + i3T EOS Brass, 35% OFF,$90.94 (MSRP: $139.90)


  1. Free Tiers: https://bit.ly/OlightLiquidRetro

1) Over $129 get a FREE i3T Desert Tan (MAP: $21.95) 

2) Over $229 get a FREE M1T Plus DT (MAP: $59.95) 

3) Over $329 get a FREE Seeker 2 (MAP: $109.95) 



So what are my thoughts on the new S1R Baton 3 Premium edition. First the light is a pretty small set of changes, many of which boil down to personal preferences like the body texture, and output spacing between the S1R Baton II and S1R Baton 3. I do think the new clip is a small upgrade, and I don’t miss the lack of lanyard attachment point on the base of the light. I do think the change in battery direction is a little strange. 

The LED change is ok, by my book I think the tin on might is slightly warmer than my Baton II. The beam differences are noticeable and I think an improvement. Both are a good beam pattern for EDC and overly useful. I will say it again, Olight does TIR right in my opinion on a light this size.

Now let’s talk about that wireless charging case on the premium edition. It’s a little larger and bulkier than I would have hoped for only 3.7 charges. I like that it’s USB-C input but wish they would have allowed it to charge a smartphone too. Maybe we will see that on a future version that’s larger for the S2R Baton 3? 

Case charging isn’t going to be for everyone, in every application but when you want simplicity, not another wire, or just to store in a bag , or purse and always have it ready to go, this does it well. Imagine only taking 1 light on a carry on bag on a short business trip, and not needing a charger, power adapter, additional wires etc, that you might have with a light using a conventional 18650 and a light without onboard charging. I like the wireless charger here but realize it’s not for everyone. Thankfully Olight recognizes this and sells the bundle with the light or just the light and normal MCC charging cable for those that want it too. 

If you think the Baton 3 is for you don’t forget to check out the sale links below. I do have a discount code good for 10% off any non sale items too.

Get 10% off on non sale items with the code “LQ10”