Olight i1R2 Pro & Obulb MC Christmas Edition

It’s a new month so you know what that means, a new Olight Flash Sale that’s already started and runs till Dec 16th at Midnight EST! For this one Olight sent me the new i1R2 Pro keychain light, which is on sale for under $5, and the Olight Obulb MC Christmas Pack. The new light they are promoting is the Odin GL M, a Odin with a built in laser which looks cool. There are lots of other lights on sale too so be sure to check the link in the description, if you do decide to buy anything it does help support my channel when doing so. 


December 2021 Flash Sale Link https://bit.ly/OlightLR2


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i1R2 Pro

Let’s take a look at the iR2 Pro, it’s an upgraded version of the i1R2 Keychain light that’s slightly larger, brighter, and with a new spiral body knurling. This one comes in a special deep red anodizing that I think is beautiful. Let’s hope they bring other lights out with this finish. 

Physically it’s 0.63” in diameter & 2” long when turned off, with a weight of 0.78” including the battery and split ring. This is 0.05” in diameter, and 0.25” longer then the i1R2. The head is captured so it’s not possible to fall off accidentally like it was on the original i1R or get lost when charging. 



Thte i1R2 Pro is using a CSP Cool white LED producing 180 lumens on high, for a claimed 23 minutes of runtime, or 5 lumens on low for 12 hours. This is up by 30 lumens and an increase in runtime by 8 minutes over the i1R2. It’s a bigger jump up on the i1R, an increase of 50 lumens on high. All 3 are using a TIR Optics which work out here well for these types of tasks while keeping the light small.

The light has a built in 130mAh 10220 battery, the largest capacity of the 3, that’s rechargeable via onboard USB-C. It charges via USB-C to C, and even comes with a short USB-A to C cable. The USB-C port is hidden, just unscrew the light and that exposes the port and side charging indicator LED, red for charging, green for charged.

For the asking price of $4.95 during the flash sale this is a no brainer to add to your order or add as a stocking stuffer for gifts. The only downside is quantities are limited, and it’s only 1 per person. 


Obulb Christmas pack. 

It should come as no surprise I am an Obulb fan, I think I have 7 or 8 of them now so I was excited to get my hands on the Obulb MC Christmas Pack. It contains to Obulb MC’s one in Green, the other in Red, as well as a Obuddy Red, and a Santa cover in a nice high quality gift box. It comes with 2 of the magnetic charges and two of the shield shaped metal coin/emblems. 

So a quick recap on the Obulb MC. This is the multi color version of the Obulb, a mini lantern/pokeball light. They are impact resistant, waterproof and float. Great for the kids, out when camping, as an emergency use light in the car or in case of emergency and when traveling.

They have 8 modes

  • Low warm white
  • High warm white
  • Red mode
  • Green mode
  • Blue mode
  • Slow Fade of Red to orange to green to blue to purple, pink, yellow, orange
  • Slow Flash of Red to orange to green to blue to purple, pink, yellow, orange
  • Fast red blink


In our house we have them on our night stands for just enough light to read or watch a video or read in a tablet without total darkness, good for nighttime bathroom runs, on high they work well in the shower or bath when you don’t want a ton of light. 


The Red Obuddy and Santa Topper are nice additions here to the pack to make it a little extra. The Santa topper is just cute, kids and adults will love it, it can make a nice desk decoration etc. I could see putting this on your fireplace mantel etc. The Red Obuddy keeps the charging interface on the backpack so it’s functional in addition to looking cool too. 

The flash sale has already started by the time this video is out, and runs till Dec 16th at midnight EST. Olight has said they will do their best to get your orders shipped and to you to the holidays but with shipping backed up in many areas there are no guarantees. Either way both these would make great stocking stuffers for a variety of people, especially kids or non flashlight people in your life. 


December 2021 Flash Sale Link https://bit.ly/OlightLR2