Spain Day 2

Segovia is a great city.  El Aquaducto is very cool.  It is amazing that it is still standing after all of these years.  I had a great lunch of Tortilla Espanola con papas.  It has been raining all day and this evening after we went to the flaminco show it rained very hard.  We took the metro so we would not get as wet.  The Flaminco show was amazing.  The dancers had to have so much endourence and I wish i could of understood the words.  Everyone is mad at the cambios (change).  They do not seem to like to take travlers checks.  Then when we do find one that will they see the group and decide to close.  Being the weekend and Monday being a holiday it is a furstrating process.  My family has loaned me 100E till I can get some money changed.  The food is great.  Churros con Chocolate is fantastic. I  took another 176 photos yesterday and I may go take a few more tonigh.