Spain Photos Part 5

I had more time this week to process more photos from Spain.  I am thinking their will be one more batch and I hope to get them done this weekend.  It is amazing to me that it has taken this long to edit these photos.

More photos can be found in the Gallery

Spain Photos Part 5 






More photos can be found in the Gallery

Spain Photos Part 5 

Kitchen HDR

I had another go at a HDR image this weekend and came up with this.  Expect to see more HDR images from me later in the year.  This week I decided to take some time off from editing pictures from Spain but I will continue to edit this week and should have another batch up by mid-week.

Kitchen HDR

Soccer (LEHS VS LNS)

I was the Photog today for the LEHS V.S. LNS game today. It was my first time doing soccer and I think I got some good shots for my first time. The light was funny and always changing because of the cloud color. They only played one half due to the weather and the one half of the girls game they wanted to get in.

Final Score: East 3  |  NorthStar 0

More Photos from the game can be found in the gallery





More Photos Posted from Spain!

I got around to posting another batch of photos from Spain. Its taking me a while to process these but I think they are turning out well. Todays photos are the end of day 1 and then part of day 2, Madrid and Segovia.

Link to all of the Photos from Spain Part 2 Spain Photos Part 2

Plaza at Night


Monistary 2 Aquaduct

Aquaduct 2

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