More Photos Posted from Spain!

I got around to posting another batch of photos from Spain. Its taking me a while to process these but I think they are turning out well. Todays photos are the end of day 1 and then part of day 2, Madrid and Segovia.

Link to all of the Photos from Spain Part 2 Spain Photos Part 2

Plaza at Night


Monistary 2 Aquaduct

Aquaduct 2

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Spain Photos

We all made it home from Spain in one piece.  Everyone was glad to be home and to sleep in our own beds.  I had a wonderful time in Spain as did everyone.  I want to thanks my host family for their generosity and hospitality during the time I was with them. I could not have asked for a nicer family. I t is amazing how fast 10 days went.

For now I have more than 500 photos to edit and many questions from friends and family to answer. I edited the first small batch of photos today and put them online. My goal is everyday to edit a few photos and every few days put them online. I will try and update the blog with a link to the new photos.

Spain Day 7

Yesterday we had a lot of fun.  The “Americans” skipped school and walked to Old Toledo.  There we had a great time.  I bought some things I will take pictures of and post in the coming days and we also had a great time walking around and having fun.  After this we went back to school then went home.  I then went out with Nick and we did a little more shopping then went to the Discotecha it as crazy.

 Today I went to an a second level english class. The professor was very funny and included us lots in the lesson.  We also did a little shopping although I did not buy anything.  We are leaving Toledo in a few hours to head back to Madrid and home tomorrow morning. I am sad to leave this has been a fantastic trip. 




¿Spain day 6?

Today I went to school.  My first class of the day was like study hall and a few of the kids wrote out slang frases for me and translated them.  I will post some later but they are funny, dirty, and very sexual.  All this time the teacher is listening to mp3´s in his headphones.  I then had the class of Spanish Lititure.  I did not understand any of this and the teacher was strict and ignored the Americans completly.  We then had English class which was fun.  The students were learning articals such as a-an-the  The Americans would read sentences and fill in the blank. We also found an error on the worksheet.  I have the worksheet and will post it later when i can scan it. 

The American students then went out on the town for about 2 hours while everyone else was finishing school. We went shopping and just walked it was a good time.  For lunch we had fish and I tried some and it was ok but they knew I did not like fish so I had beef.  I also had my first Siesta today it was nice. I then went and took about 70 photos of their house and the surrounding area.  It is very beautiful with olive groves and hills.  There are also wild flowers.  I wish the sun would shine. It would make the photos so much bette.  Tonight we are going to a movie and dinner.  I will try and update with some photos later. 

Spain day 5?

Today was the first day we went to school. It was very interesting.  The school has several different buildings that you have to walk from building to building outside.  In classes it is loud and many students do not care. Today I went to math and learned some advanced alegbra with some trig thrown in.  I understood most of it.  It was stuff I had done in the past.  I also went to grammer class in which he teacher included the students in class a good amount. He had us pronounce words.  The room has monitors on which a program runs that pronounces words.  It is British english and we were Americans so we had different pronounciations it was very cool.  We had the oposite lesson as the Spanards did.  It was difficult.  I also got my money changed finially today and went shopping.  I bought shorts and a shirt.  Today for lunch we had meat balls with sause. It was very good and I at 10 meat balls. 

 The photos below are of Madrid.  I will try to get some of Toledo up as well in the next day or so. 





Spain Day 4?

I think its the 4th day.  I am doing so much they are starting to blend together.  I am with my Spanish family now and things are going great.  Yesterday we were going to go bowling but the bowling ally was very full about 200 people.  Instead we took photos of the city at night which was cool.  Today Julia, her boyfriend, another friend and I went around the city all day.  We went to the cathedral which was very intricate and amazing.  We ate lots of good food especially the bomba a potato that is mashed then breaded and fried with a sause on it. I also had a pocket sandwich similar to a gyro.  It was great.  I saw other people from my group around town and said hi.  Tomorrow I am going to school and I am excited.