Spain Day 2

Segovia is a great city.  El Aquaducto is very cool.  It is amazing that it is still standing after all of these years.  I had a great lunch of Tortilla Espanola con papas.  It has been raining all day and this evening after we went to the flaminco show it rained very hard.  We took the metro so we would not get as wet.  The Flaminco show was amazing.  The dancers had to have so much endourence and I wish i could of understood the words.  Everyone is mad at the cambios (change).  They do not seem to like to take travlers checks.  Then when we do find one that will they see the group and decide to close.  Being the weekend and Monday being a holiday it is a furstrating process.  My family has loaned me 100E till I can get some money changed.  The food is great.  Churros con Chocolate is fantastic. I  took another 176 photos yesterday and I may go take a few more tonigh. 

Spain Trip – Madrid

We made it!!!!!  Wow was today a long day.  The flights although delayed slightly a few times were good.  We had only minor turbulence.  The food was also not bad.  Upon arriving in Madrid we were an hour late and had to rush at some places.  The food is very interesting and different but Tortilla Espanola is my favorite along with churros con Chocolate.  Today we visited the royal palace, The puerta Del Sol, The Prado art gallery, and other places,  I took only 167 photos today.  I really like the Euro system and how things work with it.  We rode the metro 3 times to cross the city.  It also rained from about 6pm on.  We are all very tired and looking forward to a good nights rest.  I am writing on the hotel lobby computer. 

Upload Test

A simple test of upload feature.  I am getting ready for my trip to Spain.  I also got my facebook working.


Snaptraps Photos

I got all 90 photos from Snaptraps 2006 edited and posted to the gallery on the left hand side of the page. It was a good show. Below are a few photos from the show.

DBranker of Almira LN

Almira LN website

DBranker-Almira LN

Some Shots of Oranjesta

Oranjestas Site Http://www.Oranjesta.Com

Oranjesta 1

Oranjesta 2

Oranjesta 3

More Photos of the entire show can be seen at



The comments now work. Try them out.


Things have been busy and I have not kept this blog updated as I had hoped.  I have heard and I have been e-mailing and instant messaging the family I will be staying with in Spain.  I am very excited about the trip.

Below is an attempt at macro photography.  The object is an American Flag.

American Flag Macro 1

American Flag Macro 2

Sunrise Part 1

Sunrise Reflections

I took this shot last week in the moring.  The sunrise was amazing and captured it quickly around my house.  This is what I came up with.  I will edit this post and include the other image as well.


This weekend I purchased a Photochute. It’s a great little device that once your camera or other USB device is plugged in it will suck all your files/pictures onto the device. It’s great for travel. I highly recomend it.

Picture of PhotoChute