Sinus CT Scan

Yesterday I got a CT Scan of my sinuses and I asked the doctor for the images and then I made a video of it. The video is made up of 381 slices through my head. The slices start at the tip of my nose and then go through the head to the back. The results were that everything is normal and the way it is suppose to be. No infections or blockages. The reason why the left side looks large is because I was not sitting perfectly straight in the machine and was at a slight angle.

2008 Animated Christmas Light Show

The 2008 Animated Christmas Light Show has officially started. This weekend we got the show up and running. Right now we only have one show running but we expect the second song to be added this week with others coming soon. For updates check out

Here is a link to the first song post and video on the lightshow’s website

Carol Of The Bell – Mannheim Steamroller Of The Bell – Mannheim Steamroller

Todays Dilbert Cartoon

I am not a frequent reader of Dilbert but for some reason I read todays. One I thought it was funny, 2 it has felt like I have been in this situation before. I like helping people fix there tech stuff that is broken or not working right. Don’t get me wrong I like helping people it just feels like sometimes your being used to fix their stuff and once it works you never or rarely hear from them again. Oh well. See the comic strip below.

Click on the comic to make it larger

Website Status Update

The website has been moved over to the new server. I am still in the process of getting everything to work again. Expect to see some changes in the coming weeks especially with the photoblog. I have also bought a new website and domain name. The website is currently very basic but I am working on ideas for a site and logo. I wanted to say thanks to Jeff for all of the help with moving the website. I could not have done it with out you man. His blog is

Here is a quick test of a new plug in and a photo from the the Nebraska VS Missouri football game last weekend.

Website Status

My web hosting for this site expires November 2.  Sometime before then I hope to be able to transfer the site to a new host.  If the site is down when you come to visit it next please check back soon.

Steve Irwin

As everyon knows Steve Irwin died Monday while filming an episode of his tv show. He was speared through the heart by a StingRay. My next door neighbor at the dorms drew this on the whiteboard on his door this morning at 1am.

Steve Irwin

Long Overdue Update

This update is long overdue.  I have been busy with several things such as work, surgery, photography, and college.  I am successfully moved into college.  So far, things are working out well.

Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Photos

I had these taken for a month or so but I was busy and did not have time to update the blog and gallery.  I went out with a friend whose car this is and shot some photos around town.  I really like my 10-20mm lens.  It allows me to create some very cool angles.






As always view more of the Subaru photo shoot in the gallery

I have photos of England from this summer to post and I may post the photo of my sinus surgery.  I hope to get these posted sometime soon.