Lumintop Antman Review (World’s Smallest LEP Flashlight)

Today I have for you what Lumintop claims as the smallest Laser or LEP flashlight on the market. It runs on a 14500 battery and is a familiar form factor. Thanks to Lumintop for sending this to me to look at and share with you.


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Packaging & Accessories

Standard Lumintop cardboard packaging here, the light is well protected with some foam. Mine came with very minimal accessories, the light itself with the clip preinstalled, a Lumintop 920mAh battery with onboard USB-C, and a manual. 


Construction & Design

You probably recognize this light, it looks a lot like the Lumintop Tool series of lights from Lumintop. I don’t have a recent AA model to compare it to but it looks similar in most ways. Machining is good, with corners nicely broken and soft. Anodizing is flawless and markings are minimal. The head and tail are removable, threads are square cut, smooth and lubricated. The tail cap features a forward clicky button, it has LED’s underneath that glow ever so slightly as a locator feature. 

Internally there is only a stiff spring in the tail cap, with a solid post in the front. I would recommend changing the battery through the front of the light, due to the tail cap holding the clip into place, I find it’s easier that way. The body has standard diamond knurling thats minimally aggressive. 

The head features a six sided anti roll ring built into its heat fins. The front has a glass lens, with a GITD insert below the lens, blue in my case. The light will stand on it’s head but not the tail. 



The light ships with the standard Lumintop dual direction clip that’s held in place with the tail cap. It’s not my favorite due to not being deep carry but it works and keeps the light secure. It’s pre drilled for a lanyard if you wish but one isn’t included in the package. 


Size & Weight

I measured the length at 100mm, head diameter at 22mm, body tube at 19mm.I measured the weight with the Lumintop battery and clip at 85g or 3oz. The light is IPX8 water rated


Emitter & Beam

The Antman is using a LEP or Laser Excited Phosphor the result is a very throwy beam with no spill. I have explained this technology in some of my other videoss if your curious to learn more about it. The beam here is a little more fuzzy then other LEP’s I have and doesn’t have the same sharpness of the beam pattern. Tint here is very hard to measure due to the intensity, but it’s very cold, and I measured no flicker since this is a direct drive light.

Official stats have this at making 165 lumens and 87,025 candela. I don’t think mine is producing that with a full battery. I don’t have a calibrated setup that I trust to measure LEP’s right now to really give scientific evidence of this but my night shots shows what the eye sees decently.


Night Shots

You can see from my night shots (Video version) that the performance isn’t quite what I expected here. I compared it to the Thrunite Catapult Mini which on paper is pretty closer, while different technologies my Antman doesn’t seem to be close to the rated numbers. 


Runtime & Heat

I did my runtime tests with the optional Lumintop 920mAh button top battery. Flat tops and button tops work here but longer protected cells are not recommended. You don’t need a high drain battery either because the current draw is pretty minimal at just at 1A. 

Some other reviewers reported high parasitic drains with the Antman when off, I wanted to test this further but didn’t see the same effects on my light. I had the battery in the light and noticed no noticeable drop in voltage. 


The driver is direct drive and thats apparent in my runtime graph, it’s a very linear decline in relative output from the begging to the end. It is able to hold near 100% output for just about 10 minutes before declining. During this time the hottest temps I saw was 35C. Total output was 42 minutes on the supplied 920mAh battery. One thing to note is there is no low voltage protection built in here and the light will stop operating around 1.1V. Below you will see the direct charging via the battery too. 



This is a single mode light so not much to say on the UI. It does have a forward clicky switch that you can half press for momentary mode or full press to lock it on. This is a little disappointing for the price range, I would expect another mode here.


Final Thoughts

The Antman is an interesting light. It’s quite small and is in a familiar form factor we know. However, in my experience it’s performance leaves something to be desired. While it does throw a reasonably far distance with a fairly focused beam, it’s not quite at the level I expected based on the other LEP lights that I own. I feel like my night shots do a good job of showing that in the video. I paired it up next to my Thrunite Catapult Mini which is a similar size but with a larger head. The performance of the two are very similar throw wise on paper, but not so much in the real world. For the Antman your putting size and form factor above performance.

I don’t normally talk about pricing in my reviews because it varies so much based on where you are in the world, where you buy it, what promotions are ongoing and when you buy. But on this review I have to mention price. LEP’s are not inexpensive, but typically their throw performance is unmatched. However on the Antman, the performance just isn’t quite there. There are lights that are LED based, that are a similar size, that offer the same or more performance but for half the cost. 


I do hope that Lumintop continues to develop this small form factor LEP based lights so that the performance comes up to what we have come to expect from LEP lights and the price decreases. I think this will happen with time. Right now I would have strong reservations on recommending the Antman, it’s remarkable in terms of its size and its technology but it’s performance lags my expectations in this case.